Summer In The Psalms

"The Christian can learn to pray in the psalter, for here he can hear how the saints talk with God. The number of moods which are expressed here--joy and suffering, hope and care--make it possible for every Christian to find himself in it, and to pray with the psalms." -Martin Luther

New Location

We have relocated to our new church home in Lakeport. We are currently meeting in our gym facility while we wait for the renovations to the main building to be completed.

"To The Praise of His Glory": A free track from the ebcworship

The worship ministry is actively working on a recording project to be released later this year. The focus of the project is simply the Gospel. We have selected four songs from our Sunday morning repertoire that will be part of the completed project. It is our hope that this recording will be a daily encouragement to you. In anticipation of the project’s completion we are pre-releasing one of the tracks, “Come Praise and Glorify”. This song is a beautiful paraphrase of Ephesians chapter one which describes the role the Trinity plays in our salvation. Download your free copy by clicking on this banner!

Exciting Times At EBC

We recently sold the building our church has been meeting in for the past 114 years. We are currently meeting in our new gym building as renovations on our worship center are being completed. It has been amazing to see how God has provided for our church during this time.
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