Another Pastoral Epistle 10-22-14

Another Pastoral Epistle October 22, 2014 Dear EBC Family, Just a few lines before heading to Logan and my flight out to California, for our daughter’s wedding. Once again I sensed a good spirit last Sunday as you greeted one another, joined in heart-felt worship and listened attentively to the …

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Another Pastoral Epistle 10-15-14

Dear EBC Family, Even though many of our people were gone over the Columbus Day weekend, there was a sweet spirit of worship and fellowship last Sunday. I appreciate the encouraging comments about the “How to Grow Up” series and hope the Spiritual Growth Indicator was helpful for self-assessment. Let …

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Miracles of Provision

Evangelical Baptist Church has been on quite a journey in the past several years, starting from our church on Veteran’s Square and moving to our new campus in Lakeport. Below, you will find the link to “Miracles of Provision”, a history of EBC’s Building program.

“Miracles of Provision”

Another Pastoral Epistle 10-8-14

Another Pastoral Epistle October 8, 2014 Dear EBC Family, Thanks for all the suggestions on where to do “leaf peeping” around New England. I crossed over into Vermont, last week and got a spectacular show around Woodstock, and then Plymouth Notch, (birthplace of President Calvin Coolidge). I texted pictures out …

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Another Pastoral Epistle 10-1-14

Another Pastoral Epistle October 1, 2014   Dear EBC Family, It seems to me that the Fall colors are more brilliant than they were last year around here. Sometimes the cares and challenges of life keep us from seeing the beauty around us. What a great reminder that our God …

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Another Weekly Epistle 9-24-14

Another Pastoral Epistle September 24, 2014 Dear EBC Family, The memorial service for my father last Sunday couldn’t have been more meaningful. It was everything that my mother wanted it to be and the pastor’s message was so very comforting. Dad actually sang twice — via recording of course. It …

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Another Weekly Epistle 9-18-14

Dear EBC Family, Lois and I continue to be touched by your expressions of sympathy and comfort since the death of my father last week. Our family is grieving but certainly not as those who have no hope. We are comforted knowing Dad is in the presence of Jesus, enjoying …

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Weekly Epistle 9/10/14

Dear EBC Family, Overall I sensed a great spirit in our service last Sunday. I was especially blessed by Gaye Newlun and Cecil Pollydore who represented Operation Christmas Child so well. Jay Moreau just told me that about 20 people attended the training session and another 10 plan to be …

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Another Pastoral Epistle 9/3/14

Another Pastoral Epistle September 3, 2014 Dear EBC Family, This week’s Epistle is being written from Crossroads Café in my hometown, Gladstone, Oregon. We don’t have Internet service at home right now and this place provides free Wi-Fi while you sip good coffee and enjoy Christian music in the background. …

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Another Pastoral Epistle 8/21/14

Another Pastoral Epistle August 20, 2014 Hi Church! Have you ever wondered about God’s will for your life? Sure you have! It’s a pretty normal thing for children of God to consider. However, the question remains, have you found it? Sometimes, I fear that we fail to find God’s will …

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