Another Pastoral Epistle 1/30/19

There is so much to share with you about what is going on in the church. I will get to that, but my heart grieves. I am saddened over the most recent law passed in the state of New York that loosens (understatement) the laws on abortion. The “Reproductive Healthcare Act,” allows abortions for any reason up to 24 weeks, and up to birth to protect a woman’s life or health as determined by a healthcare professional. The law also allows non-doctors to perform the procedure. And the celebration that followed sickened me!

As I was doing some reading on this controversial law and what others had to say about it, I came across this very thought-provoking question, “If it’s wrong to hurt people because of skin color or gender, why is it okay to hurt them because they are smaller, less developed, or in a different location?” Excellent question! The article also asked, “Do you believe that each and every human being has an equal right to life, or do only some have it based on something none of us share equally?” These are logical questions. But then again, common sense isn’t very common. (See article, “All we did was survive” by Scott Klusendorf).

In previous epistles on two occasions I have spoken about the sanctity of human life. Let me repeat myself. Human life is a gift from God to be cherished from the time of conception until natural death. God is directly involved with human life at every age and affirms its value under all conditions. As followers of Christ, it is imperative for us to maintain this same high regard for life. We are to call society to embrace the value of human life and to affirm the dignity and worth of all. Society should guarantee the rights of the unborn child, the dignity of the elderly, and the care of the handicapped and where it does not, then it is our responsibility to foster a higher morality. We are to defend the defenseless and that includes the modern-day slavery of sex trafficking and to challenge the biases of our culture and the devaluing of life in all its forms.

In other words, all life is sacred for every single human being bears the image of God. So, we must be pro-life from the womb to the tomb. As followers of Christ, we don’t have to choose between speaking into moral behaviors and promoting the gospel. We can speak truthfully within the context of the redemptive power of the gospel. And as Peter reminds us in speaking of the reason for our hope that we must, “do so with gentleness and respect.”

Ok, let me highlight some key events on the church’s calendar. Mission’s conference is right around the corner. On Friday night, February 8, at 7:00 we will gather again for prayer. This time our focus will be on praying for our missionaries, local outreach, and the mission’s conference. Men, you are invited to the men’s breakfast on Saturday at 8:00, followed by a brunch for women at 11:30. Sunday will look different, but should be very impactful as we hear from various speakers, fellowship together, and check out displays at the mission’s fair. It all begins at 9:30 in the worship center. There is something for the kiddos as well!

Portraits of Jesus got off to an excellent start with Adam Hayes teaching on the reasonableness of our faith. This Sunday I will teach on what Jesus said about suffering. Is God the source of our suffering? In what way is Jesus the healer? Come this Sunday at 9:00 in the fellowship hall to explore these and other questions.

I am so looking forward to our “What’s Next Banquet” on Friday, April 5. Set that date aside. There will be some fun activities that evening for the kids as well as the adults come together around good food to learn more about what’s next for EBC.

Prayer builders will meet this Sunday at 10:20 in the room behind stage. I am sure there is plenty more I have forgotten, so check out announcements below.

With thanks to the Giver of Life,
Pastor Brian

Looking Forward

Sermon Direction

This Week’s Sermon
Pastor Dan Lyle
Matthew 4:1-11

Last Sunday’s Sermon

Prayer Builders

Prayer Builders will be meeting this Sunday from 10:20-10:40 in the room behind the stage.

Sunday Morning Bible Study Portraits of Jesus

An 8 week Bible study beginning Sunday Jan. 20th at 9am. This Bible Study will be taught by a team of teachers: Pastor Brian, Matt Anderson, Jim Hayes and Adam Hayes. Exploring and encountering the truth of Jesus and its relevance to today’s world.  Great class for those who are exploring the truth of Jesus or for those who want to know more deeply the One in whose face we see God!

Missions Conference

February 8-10
Prayer Night 7pm-8pm
Men’s Breakfast 8am and Women’s Brunch 11:30am
Missions Conference One service at 9:30am

Men’s Breakfast

February 9th at 8am
Join us as we hear from Ron DeDucca from Love, INC of the Lakes Region, as he shares how this wonderful ministry got started and continues to move forward in Living by Faith.
Prepare to be Inspired. Great time of fellowship and food.

Ladies Brunch

“THE PEW” Live February 9th11:30 am -1:30pm
In a “Pew“ Exclusive, Real Talk with Real Missionaries! Join us and be Inspired, Enlightened and Encouraged as we welcome Nancy Dore and Rochelle Dore. A great time of fellowship. Sign up at the back of the sanctuary on Sunday morning or with the church office. Also sign up to bring soup or sandwiches.


The next meeting of the Military Ministry (ELMM) will be Saturday February 16th @ 0800. In the fellowship Hall. Veterans, retirees, active duty military, men, women and all denominations are welcome. Please come join us in fellowship, prayer and discussion of our common bond of those who serve. (Please note this is a personal ministry and not an EBC church ministry)

Save the Date
What’s Next Banquet

Friday April 5th
Stay tuned for more details

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