Another Pastoral Epistle 2/13/19

I hope you are OK with my being proud as your pastor. I was proud of the work done by the Glo Team and other workers who put together a wonderful mission’s conference this past weekend. It was well done and I trust impactful for those who attended over the weekend and particularly this past Sunday. There was a great representation of both local and global outreach. As I said in my opening comments on Sunday, it was appropriate for us to break away from a typical Sunday to highlight one of our values as a church- outreach! It is not the only reason we exist as a church, but making disciples is our mission.

That is the “why” behind our “What’s Next Campaign.” So as to not get lost in buildings and funds, I remind you of what is driving us to do what we are doing in this campaign. It should have been obvious as we made our way through stewardship month in the book of Haggai that we are all being challenged on a corporate and personal level to replace our “not yet” mindset to “it is time.” In the upcoming “What’s Next” newsletter, I apply “it is time” filter through our 4-E ministry model as it relates to our capital campaign. “What’s Next News” will be available this Sunday. I hope you check it out.

This Sunday we will resume our sermon series on “Living in the Shadow of Hope,” from the book of Revelation. As we make our way from chapter 13 to chapter 22, the heartbeat of the book is to not live as if we don’t know how it will all end. These final 10 chapters carry a certain strangeness to them that stir our curiosities yet challenge us to live on purpose for we know the ending! Are you ready to dive back in?

Also, this Sunday the Bible study, “Portraits of Jesus” will meet at 9:00 am in the fellowship hall. This week’s study will focus on the characteristics of Jesus’ teaching and what sets Him apart from all other teachers.

Some final thoughts:

  • Consider how you might practice Biblical fasting between now and Resurrection Sunday (April 21). Fast from food in order to feast on God. Designate a period of time in which you will abstain from eating to focus on Jesus and His priorities. Skip a meal or two and let your hunger drive to hungering for His Word, meditating on Scripture, and communing with Him in prayer!
  • Revisit page 2 of your mission’s conference booklet. What is at least one way you will respond to the challenge from last Sunday?
  • Plan on attending the “What’s Next” banquet on Friday, April 5. There will be fun activities for the kids as well at the church while we all enjoy an evening at Pheasant Ridge Country Club.

Church, God is building something here at EBC! I urge you to continue to pray for our alignment with Him as we anticipate good and even unimaginable things from His hand in using us for greater impact in the region and beyond!

To His Glory,
Pastor Brian

Looking Forward

Sermon Direction

“The Tale of Two Beasts”
Revelation 13

Last Sunday’s Sermon

What’s Next Newsletter

This Sunday, Volume 2 of the What’s Next News will be available. Get your copy!

Prayer Commitment Cards

Prayer is a huge part of the What’s Next Campaign. We are asking you all to commit to 30 days of prayer surrounding the What’s’ Next Campaign beginning in March. This Sunday we will have a Prayer Commitment Card in the bulletin for each of you to fill out. We are asking everyone to fill out this card, tear off the bottom portion and return that to the office or place in the offering plate. More details to come!

Sunday Morning Bible Study Portraits of Jesus

We will resume our study and look at Jesus as Teacher this Sunday February 17th during the 1st service. Join us in the Fellowship Hall at 9 am.

NEW Christian Singles Ministry

All Christian singles are welcome in your 20’s and 30’s. Meet at Wayfarer February 14th and 21st from 5pm-7pm. Sign up at the Ministry Counter this Sunday.

Save the Date
What’s Next Banquet

Friday April 5th
Stay tuned for more details

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  1. So glad to see that you are recognizing singles. Even though I am not in that age group, I know the impact it had on my life when I was. Praising God

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