Another Pastoral Epistle 2/27/19

Did you know that the administration building had many of its windows replaced? Did you know that in our gym building there will soon be a new floor with fresh painted basketball lines and capability for volleyball? Soon we will have an open house for you to celebrate the work being done on our facility.

Did you know that the church voted to take out a loan in order to replace an aging heating system with HVAC? Not only will we enjoy monthly savings on our heating bill and have a heating system in place that is new and efficient, but we will appreciate that air conditioning in the worship center this summer.

Those are only a few of the projects that need to be addressed as we embark on this “What’s Next Campaign.” As I shared in the “What’s Next News” volume 3 (available this Sunday) we are to care for this space that God has given to us. Giving to the upgrade of our buildings and campus is to enable us to better facilitate ministry. Be sure to read the next newsletter to stay informed. Also, several teams will be doing home visits this coming month, so if you would like to receive a personal visit, then contact Bill Miller or the church office.

Sign up for the “What’s Next Banquet” will begin this Sunday. There will be a table in the back of the sanctuary for you to reserve your spot at the banquet or you can register online at our EBC web page. We are anticipating an excellent turnout to this banquet on April 5, so don’t delay in signing up.

The “30 day prayer challenge” begins on March 5. Turn in your commitment to pray cards by this Sunday to receive daily prayer guide or weekly printout of the guide. The success of this campaign depends on the prayer of God’s people!

Speaking of prayer, the prayer builders will meet this coming Sunday between services (10:20-10:40) in the room behind the stage. Portraits of Jesus Bible Study is at 9:00 and meets downstairs in the fellowship hall. This week’s topic is on Jesus the bread of life.

Have you been feasting on Jesus? Have you planned a time of fasting between now and Resurrection Sunday (4/21)? How will you use breaking from physical food to pray and meditate on the Word of God? I have set a date on my personal calendar to break away from my normal routine of work for prayer, reflection, meditation, and care of my own soul.

God is building something here at EBC! The attendance this past Sunday on a snowy day blew me away! You want to be with God’s people! You long for corporate worship! You desire to know Him better. May that spill out of your life this week until we meet again this Sunday!

Keep hearing the song of the redeemed,
Pastor Brian

Looking Forward

Sermon Direction

Revelation 14:8-20

Last Sunday’s Sermon

What’s Next Newsletter

Volume 3 of the What’s Next News will be coming out this Sunday!

Prayer Builders

Prayer Builders will be meeting this Sunday from 10:20-10:40 in the room behind the stage.

Commitment to Pray Cards / 30 Days of Prayer Challenge

The 30 Days of Prayer Challenge will begin March 5th. If you haven’t signed up to receive the daily email or weekly printout of the prayer guide, please contact Corianne at the office. or 524-2277
This Sunday will be the last week to sign up.

Sunday Morning Bible Study
Portraits of Jesus
Jesus is the Bread of Life

Exploring and encountering the truth of Jesus and its relevance to today’s world. Great class for those who are exploring the truth of Jesus or for those who want to know more deeply the One in whose face we see God! Join us during 1stservice in the Fellowship Hall.


The next meeting of the Military Ministry (ELMM) will be Saturday March 9th @ 0800. In the fellowship Hall. Veterans, retirees, active duty military, men, women and all denominations are welcome. Please come join us in fellowship, prayer and discussion of our common bond of those who serve.

Traveling with K.C.

K.C. Nowack arrived safely in Atlanta, GA for his third and final track with 10,000 Fathers Worship School! Please be praying for him as he drinks deep from the wellsprings of God’s Word and continues to grow in his faith. If you would like to help support K.C. with the cost of track three then please feel free to speak with Pastor Dan about how you can do that.

Save the Date
What’s Next Banquet

Sign-ups begin this Sunday at the back of the sanctuary. The Banquet will be Friday April 5that Pheasant Ridge Country Club from 6pm-8pm. Dinner will be provided (no cost). Childcare will be for ages 0-12 at EBC and dinner and fun will be provided for the children. Teens ages 13 and up are welcome to attend the banquet. Come join us as we celebrate and kick off The What’s Next Capital Campaign! (No funds will be collected that evening. Commitments will be collected April 28th)

On Goal Soccer Camp

Coming soon!
Get ready to get involved!

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