Another Pastoral Epistle 5-30-18

?How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news.?? The picture is of a besieged city awaiting the news of the outcome of the battle.?If the news is victory they all celebrate their deliverance.? If the news is defeat, all is lost, and the people mourn. So they wait for the news.

Suddenly on a distant hill a runner is seen.? What is the news?? What will it be- victory or defeat?? As he gets closer it becomes apparent that the runner is waving a palm branch.? He seems to be dancing!? It is victory!? Let the singing begin.? Through the feet of this runner comes great news.? So it is said, ?How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news? (Isaiah 52:7).

In a world where there seems to be so much troubling news, it is indeed refreshing to hear good news.? Yet good news travels too slowly sometimes.? There was a discussion in my community group last night that prompted me to highlight some good happenings at EBC.

Have you heard the good news of a woman who has been recently attending EBC and her decision to trust in Jesus as her Savior?? God is working!? I personally was overwhelmed with praise for a family close to ours who ?surprisingly? showed up this past Sunday.? The mom left the service saying, ?That was amazing!?? Pray that the good news of Jesus reaches their hearts and others who have just started attending EBC who have yet to make a decision for Christ.?Praise God that they are in the presence of the Christian community each Sunday observing our worship and hearing God?s Word!

Praise God for the people He has brought to our church over the past few weeks.? Several new people are calling EBC their home!

More good news is the number of people showing up to basketball each Monday night.? There are over 20 people from our community coming to play each week.? It is more than a night of basketball.? It is an opportunity for the church family to interact with those who need the Lord. Pray about being a part of this team.?See Justin Whitman or Dave Provan for how you can be involved.

Praise God for the growing number of teenagers at Momentum.?Pray as the leaders look for the most effective way to reach these kids from the community and our EBC teenagers.

It is exciting to see that our registration for On-Goal Soccer Camp is up from last year (47 kids registered so far).? Sign up online today!? Continue to get the word out to those you know with kids so that entire families can be exposed to the good news of Christ.

Did you notice?? My praise here had to do with people. For more opportunity to fellowship with our EBC family, join us for the potluck THIS SUNDAY after the second service. It is all about people!? I am reminded of Paul?s words to the church of the Thessalonians, ?For what is our hope, our joy, or the crown in which we will glory in the presence of the Lord Jesus when he comes?? Is it not you?? Indeed, you are our glory and joy? (I Thess. 2:19-20).

Praising God for you, Pastor Brian

Looking Forward

Sermon Direction

Jonah 1

?Going to Great Lengths?


New Sermon Series in Jonah

?A Study on the Heart of God?


Office Hours: May 28 ? June 1

The office will be open this week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Link to View Last Sunday?s Sermon

Business Meeting

JUNE 10th

after second service


Prayer Builders

June 3, 10:05 am – 10:25 am

in the room behind the stage.

Prayer Builders will not be meeting for the months of July and August.



Do you have a story to tell regarding your journey with our Strong and Courageous theme?? Has your bracelet raised some questions from others?? Has God prompted change in your life through the sermon series??Share these moments via email or letter to the office or Pastor Brian.? You may also place your stories in the box on the Ministry Counter this week.?We would like to share these at this week?s potluck!



THIS SUNDAY June 3rd after the 2nd service

Bring a dish to pass and meet us in the gym after the services. Please keep in mind that there are very few outlets to plug in crockpots, so consider insulating hot and cold foods by other means. See you there!


Are you looking to serve?
The building and grounds team is looking for people to help maintain our facility!

?Light Janitorial– one to two hours a week

General building maintenance– flexible; on call as needed
-light electrical
-light plumbing
-sheet rock repair
– light carpentry
-other miscellaneous needs

Grounds maintenance– flexible; weekly and monthly
-lawn mowing & trimming
-general yard work, brush removal
-basic landscaping

Event set up and take down

– as needed for various events as they are scheduled (Potluck: June 3, help needed during second service!)

If any of this sounds like something you can help with then contact Bill Wixson at or 603-524-8580.


Men?s Fishing Trip

May 31 – June 2

Join us for the men?s annual fishing trip at Heath Caruso?s cabin in Pittsburgh, NH. The cost is $35.00. (License-free fishing allowed on Saturday) There will be target shooting as well. Those with four-wheelers are welcome.


On Goal Soccer Camp – June 26-30, 2018
Still looking for a summer camp for your kids?

There are discounts and financial assistance available for On Goal Soccer Camp, hosted by EBC! Are you interested in donating a camp scholarship for a child to attend?? Can you work as a volunteer? Call the office for details!

EBC Communion Team

The Communion Team is seeking another person or two to help set up for communion and clean up afterwards, on a once-every-2-months rotation. If you have a desire to serve in this way, please contact Mary Collins, at?, or 393-5080.


Average Church Attendance

for the Month of May: 241

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