Another Pastoral Epistle 5-9-18

A pastor knows it?s a bad day when?

His personal parking space gets relocated to the Denny?s parking lot three blocks away.

The church votes to change his day off to Sunday.

He preaches the same sermon two weeks in a row and nobody notices.

He is assigned to nursery duty during the morning service.

The couple he married a year ago calls to ask about a warranty.

He is elected pastor emeritus and he is only 28.

The youth pastor urgently asks him about the church?s liability insurance.

That is all light and makes us smile, but having a bad day is no laughing matter. ?I remember recently walking out to my car after an April storm and nearly falling on the ice, then scraping the ice off my car for the next 15 minutes without gloves (whose fault is that?). ?Then when I had to stop at the end of my street, a block of snow from my roof crashed into my wipers, breaking one of my wiper blades. ?I immediately returned home to fix my blade with frustration that it wasn?t even 7:00 AM and I was being beaten by the weather. ?Yet when I consider what others go through on a daily basis, this hardly counts for a bad day.

This is on my mind because when we interact with people, say on a Sunday morning at the greeting time in our worship, we have no idea what might really be going on in their lives. Behind the polite, ?doing fine? are stories. ?For some, there has been a chain of bad days.

Others anticipate bad days ahead. What do people need? Encouragement!

I likely have shared this quote with you before. ??A pat on the back is only a few vertebrae removed from a kick in the pants but is miles ahead in results.? ?That is not to say there isn?t a place for a little kick or a hard thing that needs to be said. ?There are times when a confrontation puts courage into someone else to change or to do the right thing.

I know I speak of the need for encouragement a lot, but that is because we all need more of it. ?We can feel so beat up during the week. ?What we need more than anything else when we gather is encouragement. ?It is as one person put it, ?Encouragement is like oxygen to our souls.?

Know anyone who could use some encouragement right now? Could someone use a simple text that says, ?I am thinking of you?? ?How about a phone call? ?An email? Or drop someone a note of appreciation. While there may not be enough time as we greet each other on Sundays to do the work of encouragement, those are contact points for follow up. ?I want to urge you to capitalize on the fellowship time between services (9:45-10:30). Added incentive?this week between services there will be a slice of pie for the moms downstairs in fellowship hall.

I leave you with this encouragement. It ties into last week?s sermon on God being into the details as well as this year?s art show theme: ?The Master Creator.? ?As Alex Seeley said,

?God the creator of the universe, carefully designed you and put you together. ?You were meticulously designed by a Master Tailor who had very specific intention in the details of your design?.

Be strong & courageous, Pastor Brian

Looking Forward

Sermon Direction

Joshua Chapter 22

?Be Passionate?

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Change for Life: Baby Bottle Blessing Fundraiser

Baby bottles will be available for Aspire Women?s Center?s Baby Bottle Blessings fundraiser this week during our worship services. Aspire provides life-affirming pregnancy support services, including pregnancy tests and ultrasounds for pregnancy confirmation, for women in our communities experiencing unplanned pregnancies.

On Goal Soccer Camp – June 26-30, 2018
Still looking for a summer camp for your kids?

Check out the discounts available for On Goal Soccer Camp, hosted by EBC!
Laconia Resident Discount ? $10 per player.
Family Registration Discount ? $10 per family member (after the first).
Early Registration Discount ? $10 before May 27th.
Financial assistance available ? call 603-524-2277 or email
Click here to register:


During first service, Nursery will now be available for 0-5 year olds. During second service, Nursery will continue to be available for 0-3 year olds in addition to classes for grades

Pre-K thru 4th.

Worship Team Information Night

Are you interested in joining the Worship Team? Come to our informational meeting Thursday, May 17th at 7:00-7:30 pm. ?Musicians (electric guitar, drums, vocals) and Techs (audio, video) wanted! RSVP by emailing Pastor Dan at


Do you remember the rotary dial phones and party lines? ?OWLS will be taking a trip down memory lane when we visit the N.H. Telephone Museum in Warner, NH. ?Wednesday, May 16th we will meet at the church at 9:30 to travel to our destination. ?After touring the Museum, we will enjoy lunch at The Local in Warner. ?Admission cost to the Museum is $6. ?Looking forward to seeing you on this day. ?If you anticipate you will join us, please let one of us know: Jay and Bette at 759-3780 or Norma at 848-7203


Saturday, May 19

8 am ? 12 noon

Many projects around the EBC campus need to be completed and we NEED YOU to help out! ?There are both indoor and outdoor tasks for all abilities, so come on out and lend a hand.

Men?s Fishing Trip

May 31 – June 2

Join us for the men?s annual fishing trip at Heath Caruso?s cabin in Pittsburgh, NH. The cost is $35.00. (License-free fishing allowed on Saturday) There will be target shooting as well. Those with four-wheelers are welcome. ?Sign up at the Ministry Counter this week.

2018 Art Expo

This year’s theme is “The Master Creator.” We are displaying artistic works that creatively capture the beauty and wonder of God’s creation. These works of art will be on display in the sanctuary Sunday, May 20th and Sunday May 27th.

Average Attendance for the Month of April

First Service: 68

Second Service: 190

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