The Weekly Epistle 7/3/19

Harmony!  A song sung in beautiful harmony is pleasant to the ears.  Harmony is defined as, “the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect.”  In other words, same song but with different parts by the ones singing.  Don’t you love listening to good harmony?  Don’t you enjoy music done in beautiful harmony?

That is what God wants the church to be.  It isn’t that we are all singing exactly the same thing, but we all have our part and somehow it all comes together.  My heart was blessed by the harmony of this church family around the On Goal soccer camp.  There were many parts that came together.  There was money needed to get certain campers to even attend On Goal. There were hosts homes and meals provided so that coaches were taken care of.  There was food donated, supplies delivered to the park, popsicles and water for hydration and many other details managed to make it all happen.

Then there was the picnic on Saturday!  Grills were picked up and dropped off, tables were set up, ice buckets filled, food prepared on the tables, grilling of hamburgers and hot dogs, people directing the whole operation and there was beautiful harmony!  All the various parts contributing to the same task.  There is something beautiful and irresistible about watching unity in action!  The Psalmist declared, “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony” (Psalm 133:1).  

A loud thanks to all those who helped and prayed and gave to this event!  You can check out the video of the 103 kids and 15 coaches with the link here.

One follow-up to this outreach event is the church neighborhood block party on August 17.  This block party is for our neighbors here on Washington Street.  The local outreach team is working on the details. This block party is for the purpose of being neighborly and building relationships with the people in our backyard, so a limited number of people from the church are needed at the event on August 17.  If you would like to be of help either behind the scenes or to engage our neighbors at the block party then contact Donna Green.  

Other outreach events are scheduled for this fall so stay tuned. And our hope is that the gym roof and floor will be ready by this fall for community basketball and adding volleyball for the purposes of outreach as well.  

The annual church picnic is scheduled for Sunday, September 8, at Opechee Park.  Pick up some lunch and head over to the park anytime from noon to 3:00.  There will be a baptism at 2:00.  Bring lawn games and chairs.  If you would like to be baptized contact the office or Pastor Dan or me and plan on attending one of the baptism classes in August.  

Hope to see you Sunday.  I love Sunday mornings as the various parts of Christ’s body come together to sing, fellowship, serve, and grow in the Lord as each part does its work!  To the God of unity and harmony be all glory!  

Pastor Brian

Looking Forward

Sermon Direction

“Outstretched Hands and Hard (not hardened) Hearts”
Exodus 6

Last Sunday’s Sermon

Thank You!

To all those who volunteered and donated to On Goal this year, Thank You! You made this week and the picnic a huge success and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Crazy Love Bible Study

The Women’s Ministry will be having a Women’s Bible Study beginning Tuesday July 9that 7pm at EBC in the Fellowship Hall. This Bible Study will run for 10 weeks. 

Save The Date

Our annual Church picnic and baptism will be held Sunday September 8th at Opechee Point. Baptism classes will be held in August. Stay tuned for more details.

Greeters Needed

We are looking for more people to volunteer to be a greeter for both services. If you are interested in greeting Sunday mornings, please see Vinny Caruso or call him at 254-6877.

Community Groups

Praise the Lord for the growing interest in Community Groups. We are looking for someone to host and facilitate a day time community group, as well as more options for weeknight groups. If you are interested, please see Tim Whitman or email the office.
There will be an informational meeting during 1st service on 8/11 and 9/8 for those interested in hosting and facilitating Community Groups this fall.

EBC Kids

EBC Kids is recruiting more volunteers to serve as nursery workers, teachers and helpers in all classes. Please contact Mary Whitman with any questions or if you would want to serve in this ministry. 540-986-6626


ELMM (Military Ministry) will not be meeting during July and August

What’s Next Newsletter

 Pick up your copy today on the table by the Ministry Counter!

Church Directory

The new updated church directory will be printed and placed on the Ministry Counter this Sunday! Thank you for being so patient as we gathered the info.