Another Pastoral Epistle 8/22/18

An old Arab proverb says, “If you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is usually the one that got hit.” Ok!  I am not suggesting anyone throws a rock at an animal.  What I am suggesting is that when truth touches a nerve it elicits strong emotions.  Isn’t it true that the ones who complain the loudest about something said, might be the people that statement is true about?  That is accurate not only when a statement is made to a group of people, but also when it comes to personal confrontation.  
For example, when my wife confronts me on something, I seem to react more strongly the closer it hits home.  It is a dead giveaway.  I can’t help but think of Nathan the prophet sent to speak truth to King David on his sin.  Remember? David was struck by Nathan’s story of the man who had everything who took from the man who had nothing.  This touched a nerve in David and he reacted strongly.  If you haven’t read it recently, check out 2 Samuel 12:1-7.  
I love seeing God using His Word in your lives! Many of you each week will comment on how the sermon touched a nerve.  It has been said that a preacher’s job is two-fold: Comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable!  I, too, am being disturbed.  
Church, we need to keep growing and keep moving out of those places of comfort. We need to keep asking, “What’s next?” as a church, as families, and as individuals.  You will be hearing soon about the need to upgrade our facilities to better serve our mission.  This campus that God has given us is His tool for moving people through the process of discipleship to the place of being fully committed followers of Christ.  A fully committed follower of Christ is one who actively participates in the life of the church and intentionally lives out and shares their faith to those who need the transforming power of the gospel. So, what’s next in having a place that best facilitates that mission?  More to come…
Looking ahead to what’s next in the coming month or so, let me highlight some things.  Don’t forget the church picnic on September 9.  The baptism will be around 2.  A discovery class is being offered on Sunday mornings at 8:30 beginning September 9 in the fellowship hall.  This four-week class is for all those who want to learn more about EBC and who are considering membership.  Speaking of membership, don’t forget, members, that there is a business meeting on Wednesday, August 29 @ 7:00 PM.  
Also, further down the road, Network Spiritual Gifts workshop will be offered a second time.  This workshop is broken into two days of 3 hours each.  You must attend both days.  Mark down Saturday, October 27 and November 3 (9:00-noon). There will also be an alternative date for day one on Thursday night (6:00-9:00) for those who can’t make the first Saturday.  Sign up with more details to come!
Pay attention as there are many happenings right around the corner- EBC kids step-up Sunday, starting up of community groups, men and women’s studies, momentum events, and so on.  
In all our activities and as life seems to pick up speed come September, remember to seek the Lord for what’s next in your life to grow internally.  Be ready to move toward completeness in your faith, taking the next step to becoming a fully committed follower of Jesus Christ.  Yes!  It just might involve disturbing the comfortable a bit.  
Pastor Brian

Looking Forward

Guest Speaker

Tom Jackson will be preaching this Sunday. Tom and his wife Lois are missionaries with TEAM and serve in Zimbabwe. Please welcome them as Tom delivers the message. 

Last Sunday’s Sermon


Office Hours

The office will be closed on Monday 8/27

Women’s Ministry Bible Study

Tuesday August 28th “Me, Myself and Lies” led by Cindy Treamer

Momentum @ The Weirs

All students entering 5th to 12th grade are invited to meet up at Weirs Beach on Tuesday 8/28, from 7-9pm. Drop off and pick up at the parking lot with the gazebo. Bring money for food and games.

Baptism Class

August 26th for ages 12 and older
Meets in Room 104 9:50am-10:20am

Business Meeting

Wednesday, August 29th at 7pm 
Vote on budget, prospective elder, and “What’s Next” for EBC’s vision and campus.


The Millyard Museum in Manchester will be the destination for the OWLS on Wednesday, August 29th.  Meet and leave the church at 9:45 to travel to Manchester.The Museum tells the story of Manchester and the people who lived and worked there starting with the native peoples who fished at Amoskeag Falls.
Admission will be $5.00.  
Following the tour, lunch will be at the Puritan Back Room Restaurant.

Discovery Class

Sundays @ 8:30am for 4 weeks starting September 9th meeting in the Fellowship Hall. This class is for those who desire to become members or anyone who would like to learn more about our church.

Church Picnic

Will be held on Sunday, September 9that Opechee Point after the 2ndservice. Bring some chairs, a picnic for your family and outdoor games to share! 

Baptism will take place between 2-2:30pm weather permitting.

EBC Kids Step Up Sunday

Sunday, September 16th. Kids will graduate or “Step Up” into the appropriate classroom for the new school year.

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