Outreach to Dominican Republic

Introducing Talking Bibles for our Dominican Republic Mission: Join Us in Sharing God's Word!

Living Hope Lakeport is thrilled to announce our fundraising efforts for Talking Bibles as part of our mission in the Dominican Republic. With a deep desire to bring the Word of God to all, we are dedicated to providing audio “Talking” Bibles to non-readers worldwide. Did you know that over 1 billion people cannot read? This poses a unique challenge that traditional printed Bibles cannot address. However, through Talking Bibles, we can overcome language barriers and ensure that individuals in the Dominican Republic have access to God’s Word. By giving a Talking Bible, we invest in God’s Kingdom, empowering non-readers to grow in faith, share their testimony, and spread the Good News. Join us in this meaningful endeavor as we reach the unreached and transform lives through the power of God’s Word.

Local Outreach in Costanza, Dominican Republic

Friends enjoying a meal together.Living Hope Lakeport, along with missionaries from the United States, has been actively engaged in local outreach efforts in the mountain community of Costanza, Dominican Republic. Since 2011, their mission has been to bring hope and the message of Jesus Christ to the community.

The outreach initiatives include the construction of over twenty homes for families in need, a modern clinic, and a missionary housing facility. Additionally, a community cistern, public latrines, and other essential infrastructure have been established to benefit the local community.

In addition to physical projects, Living Hope Lakeport and Pastor Cesar Lebron’s church engage in the “Dorcas Project,” providing necessary supplies such as food staples, medications, and clothing to the impoverished members of the community.

Regular public worship services are held on the streets of Costanza, featuring singing, preaching, and a powerful Gospel message proclaimed through loudspeakers.

To address a pressing need, the mission group conducts an adult diaper outreach program, as adult incontinence items are expensive locally. By purchasing and shipping from the United States, they can provide crucial assistance and prevent illness and infections.

Through their multifaceted efforts, Living Hope Lakeport and the partnering missionaries strive to make a positive impact on the lives of the people in Costanza.

Medical Missions: Transforming Lives in Costanza, Dominican Republic

Medical supplies being prepared.Indiana’s life took an unexpected turn when she received a terminal HIV/AIDS diagnosis in the Dominican Republic. Seeking solace in an abandoned shack, she encountered Pastor Cesar Lebron and his church, who provided shelter and fervently prayed for her. Through their intervention, Indiana embraced Christ and experienced a miraculous healing, defying her initial prognosis. Her remarkable recovery touched her family, leading them to accept Christ as well.

Recognizing the immense need for medical care in the community of Costanza, Pastor Cesar and the missionaries from the United States established a one-day clinic. However, they soon realized the need for a more sustainable solution. Inspired by God’s vision, Pastor Cesar shared his dream of a full-time clinic with the missionaries. Through fundraising efforts and the transformation of the abandoned shack, a permanent clinic was built in 2016.

Over the years, the clinic expanded its services, providing regular care to at-risk elderly, disabled individuals, and children twice a month. Emergency aid and basic first aid training were also introduced to combat preventable infections. Despite these achievements, the clinic still requires additional resources, such as an on-site X-ray machine and ongoing funding for everyday medications.

Through their unwavering commitment and financial support from partners in the Dominican Republic and the United States, the medical missions in Costanza continue to transform lives. The clinic stands as a beacon of hope, offering essential healthcare services and sharing the love of Christ with those in need.

Children's Outreach: Transforming Lives in El Chorro, Costanza

The community gathers to bless children.The partnership between missionaries from the United States and local Dominicans in Costanza, Dominican Republic, has led to a powerful children’s outreach ministry in the community of El Chorro. Pastor Cesar Lebron and his congregation experienced a profound conviction during a house-building trip with the U.S. missionaries, specifically regarding the importance of reaching out to the children.

The Dominican culture, plagued by fatherlessness, often leaves young girls vulnerable to predatory relationships, resulting in early pregnancies and abandonment. Pastor Cesar recognized the need to break this cycle and transform the community by instilling the value of children in Christ from a young age. Discipleship and teaching about their worth in Christ begin as children learn to speak, leading to a shift in the community’s perception of children as precious in God’s sight.

Today, Pastor Cesar’s church in El Chorro thrives with strong, present, and biblically grounded men who have undergone years of personal discipleship. These men model Christ-like marriages and serve as examples to their nonbelieving peers. Young women, realizing their value in Christ, find protection and support within the church community. As a result, the age gaps between husbands and wives have narrowed, and young girls are embracing chastity until marrying a believing man chosen by God.

While there is still work to be done, Pastor Cesar’s initial conviction has borne abundant fruit. The ministry to children in El Chorro has brought about significant transformation, creating a nurturing environment where young lives are shaped by the teachings of Christ.

Jacob's Blessing: Agricultural Initiative Impacting Lives in Costanza

A farmer is blessed with a goat.In memory of a passionate young man named Jacob, his widow raised over $5,000 as seed money to support ministry efforts in Costanza, Dominican Republic. Pastor Cesar Lebron and the local church, along with American missionaries, sought Christ’s guidance on utilizing these funds, leading them to the biblical story of Jacob in Genesis.

Drawing inspiration from Jacob’s story, where he acquired wealth through divinely caused speckled animals, the team embarked on an agricultural initiative named “Jacob’s Blessing.” The program aims to empower impoverished families by providing them with livestock to raise and reproduce, while also requiring them to give some offspring back to the program for others in need. This initiative has been successful in providing a sustainable source of income for participating families.

Since its establishment in 2018, two parcels of land have been purchased for Jacob’s Blessing. These lands have been designated for livestock grazing and diversified crop cultivation. Countless families have already benefitted from the program, and donations from missionaries have supported its growth. Although Jacob’s Blessing is becoming self-sustaining, additional donations are gratefully received to expand and deepen its impact in reaching the lost for Christ.

The program stands as a testament to Jacob’s legacy and the transformative power of agricultural initiatives in uplifting communities and providing opportunities for economic empowerment in Costanza.