The Weekly Epistle 10/2/19

Years ago I was visiting an elderly woman in Portland. She shared with me her most recent trip with her husband through the Kancamagus Highway during foliage season.  She said, “Pastor, it was beautiful. The colors were outstanding.” That isn’t surprising except for one reason. She was blind. She couldn’t see a thing.  
Cora Edwards was blind for most of her life. I learned a lot from Cora. Her faith could see things that I couldn’t see because of my sight.  How often do I place limits on what God can do and what He wants to do through me because of poor vision?  It was Hellen Keller who said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”  
Do you have a vision for your life?  Do you have a vision for your children?  For your marriage? For your ministry? I think of Jesus’ vision for the crowds.  Scripture tells us that “when Jesus saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd” (Matthew 9:36).  He was able to see beyond the obvious to what they needed- the true shepherd to lead them. When I see people what do I see? Their irritants? Their annoying habits? Are they obstacles to reaching my destination or opportunities for showing them the love of Jesus Christ?  
Our vision as a church is to make disciples.  More accurately, it is to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples and so on.  That continues to be part of the ministry plan for EBC going forward. This is one reason we are working through the book of Second Timothy on Sunday mornings around the theme of “Legacy: living a life that lasts.”  My heart is for you to be investing in people. If you want to learn more about mentoring, I would love to sit down with you to talk about what this can look like in your life and direct you to the right people for making this happen.  
Don’t forget to sign up for Network Spiritual Gift seminar that will be held at the church the first two Saturday mornings in November.  I will lead you through discovering your gift set, passion, and right fit for ministry at EBC. You need to get started on this ASAP, so stop by ministry counter and get your workbook this Sunday.
Most of what we need for the Pumpkin Fest booth is taken care of, though someone with a truck to transport items to the pumpkin fest on October 19 is still needed. Call the office or contact Donna Green if you can help.  If you signed up to bring candy please drop it off to the church by October 13, if possible. Any candy not used for the pumpkin fest will be used for Trunk or Treat. Speaking of Trunk or Treat, if you plan to decorate your trunk, provide candy, help with food, or assist in other ways, stop by the counter this Sunday or next.  
I continue to be excited for what God is doing here at EBC.  It is encouraging to see new people check us out each week and the many who are calling EBC their home.  Some of these folks are jumping right into a community group and looking to get involved in the church.  
I thank God for you!  My heart is refreshed by your support, desire to grow, and vision for reaching our community with the gospel. 

Blessings to you, Pastor Brian

Looking Forward

Sermon Direction

A Soldier, An Athlete, A Farmer

2 Timothy 2:1-7

Last Sunday’s Sermon

Gym Floor Update

Praise the Lord!!! We just got word that the gym floor install will begin Monday morning!!! 

Prayer Builders

Prayer Builders will be meeting this Sunday from 10:20-10:40 in the room behind the stage.

Monday Night Prayer

Monday nights we will have a Prayer time at the Gym from 7pm-7:30pm. This prayer time is focused on praying over the gym floor and the TREC ministry. 

Right People in the Right Place

Our next Spiritual Gifts Network workshop will be Saturday 11/2 and 11/9 from 9am -12pm. Sign up this Sunday at the Ministry Counter. These classes help you discover your spiritual gifts and get you plugged into the right ministry.

Jam Night with the Worship Team

Thursday 10/3 from 7pm-9pm. All musicians welcome!


Wednesday, October 9th will find the OWLS traveling to The Indian Head Resort in Lincoln, NH, to enjoy a delicious buffet lunch.  The cost is $15 per person. During the trip we should enjoy some of the beautiful foliage that God has created. Join us at the church at 10:45 for the trip.  If you anticipate going with us, please let us know by Sunday, the 6th
Bette and Jay Moreau  528-445 or 759-3780
Norma Phillips  848-7203 or 783-0211

Community Groups

We have a host home for a day time community group, but we still need a facilitator. If you are interested, please see Tim Whitman or contact the office

Discovery Class

Join us for 4 weeks beginning October 6th on Sunday mornings at 9am. This class is for those looking for more information about our church and those considering membership.

Adult Bible Study

Sunday mornings at 9am we are offering an adult bible study meeting in room 102. This study is on the book of James, “Faith that Works”.