The Weekly Epistle 10/26/22

Hi Church,
Are you a “Rabbit-hole” Christian? Many years ago, I was greatly challenged by Rebecca Pippert’s book, “Out of the saltshaker and into the world.” One section in the book (and I can’t find my copy) she speaks of the rabbit-hole Christian.
In the morning, they pop out of their safe Christian homes, hold their breath at work, scurry home to their families, and then off to their Bible studies. Then finally at the end of the day they pray for the unbelievers they safely avoided throughout the day. 
Rabbit-hole Christians eat their lunch with other Christians at work or school, only accept invitations to Christian events, and only go on Christian cruises. I am not mocking hanging out with Christians and attending Christian venues (ok, maybe I am a little). My concern is that we only rub up against other believers. My concern is that we remain in the saltshaker. Yet to be of influence in the world, the salt must come out of the saltshaker. 
At our recent local outreach meeting, we discussed ways we can reach our community for Christ in the coming year. We floated many ideas. Even put some of those ideas on the calendar. We hope and pray that seeds are planted through our efforts as a church and continue to ask that through our ministry people come to faith. 
Having said that, the best strategy to reach our community for Christ is you. In conversation with someone recently about evangelism I said, “When someone says that the church isn’t doing much in the area of evangelism, that is a self-indictment.” Outreach events, handing out free-stuff to our church neighbors, having a free car wash, showing a gospel-centered movie, and even the preacher delivering a clear presentation of the gospel on a Sunday morning (with an altar call) are fine. But you are the salt of Lakes Region! 
Salt adds nothing to that corn on the cob or that piece of steak or those fries unless it makes contact. It must come out of the saltshaker. Each one of us is called to penetrate our society. Each of us are to find ways to engage our unbelieving friends, co-workers, classmates, neighbors, family, and people we interact with on a regular basis. Contact must be made on those in our spheres of influence. 
In other words, we have to come out of the saltshaker. We need to look for ways to involve ourselves in their lives, which means it takes time. Of course, it also means that we don’t lose our saltiness, our influence, our distinctiveness by acting just like the world. As we have seen in our sermon series in 1 Peter, we give credibility to the gospel by lives that match what we say. 
Church, you are the salt of the earth! Let’s get out of the saltshaker and into the world! Blessings, Pastor Brian 

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Being Winsome in Difficult Relationships
 1 Peter 3:1-7

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Trunk or treat

We are cancelling trunk or treat for this year.  It has been great to serve the community in this way for the last several years, but a break is needed as indicated by the low number of trunks to be decorated.  Sorry for the late notice, but it is best to cancel it for this year.  

Cindy Adkins’ Community Group

Cindy’s community group is looking for three more women to join them on Friday evenings at 6:00. For more information please the office.

Operation Christmas Child

Pick up your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to fill at the back of the church. Collection week starts November 14th & ends November 21st. 
If you have questions, Dave & Betsy will be available to answer them.

Ushers and Greeters Needed

We are looking for some friendly faces to join the hospitality team as ushers and greeters. This is a great opportunity to serve the body and guests of our church. Please email Susan Lyle at for more information. 

Living Hope ~~~~ Church Directory

We are updating our church directory. Please consider taking a few minutes to add or update your information for the directory. If you would prefer not being in the directory, please email or call the office. Click the link to add or update information. Also you can find paper forms on ministry counter.  Link to form 

EBC Kids Volunteer Training Brunch

EBC Kids volunteer training and encouragement brunch will be held Saturday, November 5th, form 10 12 P.M. in the Fellowship Hall. Please sign up at the counter!


Workday on Saturday, November 12 from 8-noon.  Please come out to help even if you cannot be here the entire time.  An hour or more would be appreciated!  See the insert in the bulletin for more details.  If you have any questions, please see/contact Bill Wixson.  603-524-8580

Welcome Luncheon

Sunday, November 13th there will be a Welcome Luncheon following the second service. If you have started attending church in the last two years, you are invited to attend.