The Weekly Epistle 10/27/21

“If you’re two miles ahead of everyone else,
then you’re not leading, you’re just taking a walk.”
–Aaron Keyes

Greetings EBC Family,
Why I am leading worship less…
Perhaps you’ve noticed, I have been leading worship a lot less. Am I leading less because I have plans to move on? No. I have no immediate plans to transition out of my role here at EBC. Am I leading less to increase my focus in other areas? No. I have found a good balance in my responsibilities here at EBC. So then, if I am not leaving and my attention is not needed elsewhere, then why am I leading worship less? The answer is simple. I am leading worship less because I am leading individuals more. Or perhaps more aptly stated, I am making disciples. 

A casual reading of the Gospels makes it clear that if we’re not making disciples, then we’re not really leading, at least not like Jesus. Both Matthew and Mark tell us that Jesus called his first disciples as soon as he started his public ministry. (Matthew 4:18-22; Mark 1:16-20) These men walked alongside Jesus for three years, and in that time, Jesus engaged, established, and equipped them to do even greater works than he did! (John 14:12) Jesus’ final act and word to his disciples before the ascension was an exhortation to lead just like him by making disciples. (Matthew 28:18-20) 

Moreover, the Apostle Paul teaches us that a hallmark of pastoral ministry should be replication. “And He gave some as…pastors…for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry.” (Ephesians 4:11-12) Pastors are not professional Christians. Pastors are saints called to shepherd other saints in carrying out saintly responsibilities. So that’s what I am doing. I am being a pastor in the fullest sense—I am following the example of Jesus and the exhortation of Paul to replicate myself and my ministry in the life and ministry of others.
How I am leading individuals more…
            To be clear, discipleship is not delegation. Delegation is nothing more than the transfer of power and authority from one person to another. Discipleship, on the other hand, is the fostering of another’s character and competency for the building up of the church. As I mentioned earlier, Jesus walked alongside the disciples for three years, engaging, establishing, and equipping them for their calling. In other words, he made an active investment in their lives. So then, here’s how I am investing myself in the lives of those I am discipling…
Stages of Discipleship
            Not including myself, we currently have three worship leading teams: 1) Joel and Courtney; 2) K.C. and Cindy; 3) Melissia and Daniel. In general, we have followed and will continue to follow these stages of discipleship. 

  • Stage One: I (Pastor Dan) do, you (team) watch
  • Stage Two: I do, you help
  • Stage Three: You do, I help 
  • Stage Four: You do, I cheer

I am sure you can see how we have been walking through these stages as you reflect upon our times of corporate worship. If you saw me in the sound both this past weekend, then you undoubtably noticed that I was cheering!
Weekly Planning Sessions
            Each week I work with the scheduled team to co-plan the weekend’s service. We hold a planning session during which I guide the team in the process of crafting the service they are responsible for leading. I give guidance on song selection and other liturgical elements such as scripture readings and excoriations. I otherwise provide coaching as needed.
Monthly Worship Leader’s Huddle
All three teams gather once a month for the worship leader’s huddle. These huddles are an opportunity for the worship leaders to collaboratively grow as individuals and as a team. Each huddle includes the following elements lead by a member of the team:

  1. Opening Devotional and Prayer (Focus on growth in character and spiritual depth)
  2. Review and Evaluation (Focus on growth in competency as individuals and a team)
  3. Reading and Discussion (Focus on growth in competency as individuals and a team)
  4. Vision and Strategy (Focus on identifying what we are doing next and how we are doing it)
  1. Closing Benediction (Focus on the impartation of spiritual blessing for the ministry ahead)

Well, if you’ve been wondering why I have been leading worship less, you now have your answer. I have been leading individuals more. 

I hope the biblical precedence for this approach is apparent to you. I hope the fruit of this approach is more apparent to you. And ever more so, I hope you are inspired to ask…“Who am I walking in a discipling relationship with?” Because you likely need someone to disciple you. And someone likely needs you to disciple them.
 Pastor Dan

Looking Forward

Sermon Direction

Small But Mighty 
James 3:1-12

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Trajectory Basketball

Men’s basketball has started again on Mondays in the gym.  Men are welcome to come and participate or just to interact with other men from the community showing them God’s love.  Contact Justin Whitman at 603-477-2970 or if interested in helping with this ministry.

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or treat will be held this Sunday, October 31st in the gym parking lot.  Contact Hollenbeck at or 603-630-8632 with questions or to sign-up.

Adult Corn Hole Tournament

Stay tuned for upcoming corn hole tournament on November 6th at 5pm in the gym with refreshments.  Look for more information in this Sunday’s bulletin.

Convent Cleanout Day

A service opportunity for the whole family on Saturday, November 13th.  Join us to help in cleaning out what remains in the Convent.  We will meet at 7:45am for prayer and then proceed.  Let’s make this a day to honor the Lord with our presence. 

Save The Date

Christmas Extravaganza will be Friday, December 10th this year.  Watch for more details to come in the future.