The Weekly Epistle 10/6/21

Certain verses seem intimidating.  For instance, “be holy as I am holy,” God says.  Another example is when Paul says, “Imitate me as I imitate Christ.”  Would I dare say that?  Do I have to be a Paul before ever inviting someone to imitate me?  Must I follow Jesus perfectly before I give others access to my life?  
It isn’t perfection Jesus is after in this life, but that we have a life worth imitating.  Loved ones, this is discipleship!  Simply put, discipleship is inviting others into your life to learn how you follow Jesus in everyday living and then imitate the parts of our life that looks like Jesus.  Read that last line again (slowly).  
Let’s break this down.  “Discipleship is inviting others.”  That means inviting others into what you are already doing. At times, we have complicated discipleship to mean that we must carve out an additional hour or two a week to teach someone what it means to follow Jesus. And there is a place for that.  But consider asking someone to join you over a meal or as you go on a hike or into your home for game night.  Are you giving people access to your life?
Discipleship is not only inviting others into your life but that they “learn how you follow Jesus in everyday living.”  As you invite others in, they will observe your life.  Ok, this is where it gets intimidating.  It is true that we are to live a life worth imitating, but we do not have to be a perfect example.  We are to be a living example.  There ought to be something attractable in you and me for others to imitate.  
That leads to the third aspect to discipleship in this definition, “imitate the parts of our life that looks like Jesus.” This is why we never stop being learners.  This is why it is crucial that we continue to learn from Jesus about following Him.  For as we grow, that overflows into the lives of others.  
As your pastor, I must be modelling a life worth imitating and prioritizing my ministry around making disciples.  I continue to seek ways to best live this out through my ministry here at EBC.  Pastor Dan is carrying this out through the worship ministry.  You may have noticed others leading worship on Sunday morning.  This is Dan being intentional about delegating responsibility by following this very simple but effective model;
  I do, you watch.
  I do, you help.
  You do, I help.
  You do, I watch.  
This is discipleship!  This is why we exist.  My vision for EBC has not changed since day one.  We are to be about making disciples who make disciples who then make disciples.  We are all called to do this.  
Who can you invite into your life to learn how you follow Jesus in everyday living and then asking them to imitate the parts of your life that look like Jesus?  
Blessings to you, Pastor Brian

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Discovery Class

The Discovery Class began last Sunday.  This is a four week class to learn more about who we are as a church and is required for membership.  Classes will run from October 3rd through October 24th.

Community Group Fall Kickoff

Signups for new and existing groups will take place this Sunday.

Trajectory Basketball

Men’s basketball will be starting up Monday, October 18th in the gym.  Contact Justin Whitman at 603-477-2970 or if interested in helping with this ministry.

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or treat will be held Sunday, October 31st in the gym parking lot.  Stayed tuned for further details.