The Weekly Epistle 11/22/23

Hi Living Hope Family,
What an amazing day! I am talking about this past Sunday. It was a full day. I was thinking if I could have somehow squeezed a baby dedication into that day, we would have covered all the bases of our protestant “traditions.” It was a memorable day. 

We shared time around the Lord’s table together. We witnessed four individuals share their testimony, and I must admit, my eyes filled with tears as I listened. Each of the testimonies were powerful, but when young Lucy said, “I love Jesus with all my heart,” I about lost it! It was beautiful to then watch each of them enter our new baptismal tank to give acknowledgement that Jesus is their Savior and Lord. 

Then to top it all off, around 145 people gathered in the gym to share a meal together and to pause to give thanks for our many blessings. One cause for giving thanks is our growing church family. God is adding to our church! Praise God! 

I am so thankful for the many hands that made that potluck happen. A special thanks goes out to Bruce and Betty Ann Wood, Bruce and Jean Wennerstrom, Gary and Brenda Cobis, Zachary Cobis, Nathan Cobis, and Destiny Juarez. 

Speaking of thanks, let me share with you from “Day Three” in the “Give Thanks Devotional” that was passed out at the potluck. 

A teller at the drive-in window of a bank was having difficulty with the glaring sun. He lowered the shade. Behind the shade he could see customers as they drove up, but they could not see him. As one woman drove in, he punched a button. The money drawer opened just as the woman came to a stop. She put in her check, closed the drawer, and it withdrew. Seconds later the drawer rolled out again with her money in it. She took the money and stared at the window. She could not see anyone. “I know you are completely automated,” she said, “but I want to thank you anyway.” 

The Bible says of our response to God’s goodness, “Give thanks to Him and praise His name” (Ps. 100:4). 

How can I cultivate a thankful heart in my life? How can I better look for opportunities to, “say thanks” to someone this week? 

Meditate on Psalm 100 

Spend time on verse 3. What is mentioned about God that is worthy of our praise? How has God made you for which you can be thankful? 

As you move about this week, stop to ponder His creation. Take in this truth, “Know that the Lord is God!” 

With thanksgiving, Pastor Brian