The Weekly Epistle 11/6/19

I sat across from two Jehovah Witnesses in my living room discussing passages of Jesus’ divinity.  I was attending bible college at the time, so I was ready to persuade them of the divinity of Christ.  They had an answer for everything I threw at them.  I suppose I had an answer for everything they threw my way to disprove that Jesus is God.  As we were wrapping up what appeared to be nothing more than a waste of time, I asked them if they knew for certain they would go to heaven.  “No one can know for certain, “one of the men answered.  “I know for certain,” I countered.  “Then you are arrogant!”  he stated.  
To a Jehovah Witness or any works-based salvation, there is no assurance.  How can a person know when they are good enough or done enough to be saved?  What is good enough?  51%?  90%?  Is it being good enough most of the time?  And what does “most of the time” mean?  Who decides the criteria?  Will God grade on a curve?  
This is the beauty of the gospel.  It is all of grace!  I can know for certain I am saved because it rests on what Jesus has done for me and that He will keep me to the end.  
Martin Luther said this, “The most damnable and pernicious heresy that has ever plagued the mind of man is the idea that somehow he could make himself good enough to deserve to live with an all-holy God.”
R.C Sproul had this to say about salvation by grace and not works, “Perhaps the most difficult task for us to perform is to rely on God’s grace and God’s grace alone for our salvation.  We like to think we will go to heaven because we deserve to be there.”  
Does a deserving attitude ever slip into your thinking?  Do we, at times, think that we are better than those who are lost?  Do we get some sense we must have done some things right to be considered a child of God?  We must continually fight these thoughts to fully appreciate God’s grace.  Ever wondered where you might be today if it weren’t for the grace of God?  Bask in His marvelous grace.  It is truly amazing!  
Then extend that grace to others.  Be grace-filled!  Show kindness to someone who doesn’t deserve it and can never earn it- that’s grace.  “But what if the recipient of that grace abuses it?  What if they take advantage of my kindness?”  Some will.  It has been said, “If no one abuses grace in your church, then grace isn’t being preached enough.”  You can think on that.  
Have you noticed?  When it comes to grace, God thought it was worth this risk.  I am thankful He did!
Kept in the grip of His grace, Pastor Brian

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2 Timothy 3:6-13

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Business Meeting

We will have a business meeting on Thursday 11/21 at 7pm. We will be voting on Mark Petrozzi as Elder.


We will no longer be handing out bulletins at the door. They will be available as you walk into the sanctuary on a table behind the sound booth.

Sunday AM Church Doors

We have begun using the doors located on the side of the building (Washington St side). Please feel free to utilize these doors moving forward.

EBC Key Inventory

If you have a key or keys to EBC, please contact Corianne at the office with the following information: the letter M, S, G and the number on the key and any other keys you have. Email to by 11/11.

Women’s Ministry Gratitude Dinner

Join the Women’s Ministry on Friday 11/15 from 7pm-9pm as they gather together and give thanks, enjoy a delicious meal, and fellowship together.

Operation Christmas Child 

We will begin collecting Operation Christmas Child boxes beginning November 17th.The hours for collection that week will be 11/18-11/22 4pm-6pm at the gym. 11/23 and 11/24 12pm-5pm and 11/25 11am-5pm. Any questions please contact the office or Jay and Bette Moreau.
You can still pick up your boxes this Sunday at the Ministry Counter.

Save the Date
EBC’s Christmas Extravaganza

Sunday December 15th from 4pm-7pm join us for a family friendly Christmas Extravaganza. This is a church ministry wide event. This evening will be filled with a chili and cornbread dinner, Christmas caroling in our neighborhood and to our shut in’s, story time, cookies, cocoa and more!

Adult Bible Study

Sunday mornings at 9am we are offering an adult bible study meeting in room 102. This study is on the book of James, “Faith that Works”.