The Weekly Epistle 12/11/19

“Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose.  And if you ever saw it, you would even say it glows.  Olive the other reindeer.”  Who?  Who is Olive?  I am sure there is a caroler out there who thinks one of the reindeers is named Olive.  You might hear this uttered, “Deck the Halls with Buddy Holly.”  I don’t think that is how it goes, but someone likely has sung it.  Or as one child sang Silent Night!  Holy Night! It went like this, “Sleep in heavenly peas, sleep in heavenly peas.”  Heavenly peas?  I hope they are better than earthly peas.  And of course, there is “round John Virgin.”  
While there is some confusion around the wording of songs sung in the Christmas season, you will also find great spiritual truths taught in them as well.  Ok, not in Rudolph or one of my favorites, ‘Drummer Boy,” but there is a richness to be found in some of them.  The problem is, we can sing them without thinking about what they are saying.  
I agree with J.C. Ryle who wrote, “Familiarity with sacred things has an awful tendency to make men despise them.”  If you grew up singing the Christmas carols (as I did), attending Christmas Eve services year after year, and you knew that if you answered “Jesus” to every question in Sunday School you would be right most of the time, then you run the risk of being bored at Christmas!  That’s right, I did say bored at Christmas.  
David Mathis with Desiring God ministries put it this way, “It’s possible to become so familiar with Jesus that we know him as a Sunday school answer rather than a mind-blowingly great, heart-meltingly beautiful Lord, who makes His claim upon our lives, to whom we owe everything, who alone gives us lasting joy, and who deserves all our worship.”  
When we think of Jesus this way, how can we possibly be bored at Christmas?  Familiarity doesn’t have to lead to contempt, it can lead to greater joy!  When we see Jesus for who He really is, it leads us to worship which leads us to a greater longing to know Him more.  Will you commit to knowing Him better this Christmas?  Will you open your heart to seeing Him for who He really is?  Between now and Christmas Day, read through at least one of the four gospels (Mark might be the best choice).  As you read, let your mind be engaged with who Jesus is!
Speaking of Christmas carols, we will go Christmas caroling this Sunday.  We will also enjoy some food, a skit, and fellowship with one another as we celebrate as a church family the birth of our Savior!  The sign up is very strong!  This is going to be one great night!  
We continue our sermon series this Sunday on Connecting the Dots this Christmas which will finish up at our Christmas Eve service on December 24 at 6:30. In some ways, there will be a continuation of that theme as we move into the New Year looking at the story of redemption from cover to cover.  God’s plan of salvation is more than a New Testament idea.  It had its beginnings as far back as the book of Genesis.  
I am getting ahead of myself.  I need to brake for Christmas to see the One who brought us peace.  And all who come to Him will find rest for our souls!  We really can sleep in heavenly peace because the Savior has come!  
Peace to all, Pastor Brian

Looking Forward

Sermon Direction

Connecting The Dots To The Servant

Isaiah 42:1-9 & Mark 10:35-45

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Advent comes from the Latin adventus which means, “coming.”  The main event is the coming, or birth, of Jesus our Savior.  As the saints of old anticipated with great expectation Jesus’ first coming, we too eagerly anticipate His return.  The four weeks of Advent represent the remembering of the thousands of years God’s people were longing for the coming of God’s salvation.

Christmas Eve Service

Tuesday December 24th at 6:30 pm


We will be celebrating communion this Sunday.

EBC’s Christmas Extravaganza

Join us this Sunday, December 15th from 4pm-7pm for a family friendly Christmas Extravaganza. This is a church ministry wide event. This evening will be filled with a chili & cornbread dinner, Christmas caroling in our neighborhood and to our shut in’s, story time, cookies, cocoa and more! For those interested, the story book we will be reading will be available to purchase that evening. 

Trajectory REC Basketball

Trajectory REC Monday Night Basketball is Back and BETTER than ever! Beginning Monday December 16th from 7pm-9pm at the gymnasium.

7 Things Every Church Member Needs To Know About Charitable Giving  

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Trajectory REC Basketball

Trajectory REC Monday Night Basketball is Back and BETTER than ever! Beginning Monday December 16th from 7pm-9pm at the gymnasium.

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