The Weekly Epistle 12/30/20

“Signs of the times,” I would hear often in my home growing up.  To the point that it became a standard joke for anything and everything that happened, “Signs of the times,” we would say.  In my lifetime there was Vietnam, Woodstock, protests in the streets, ongoing political rivalry and tension between the United States and the Soviet Union, and practice drills in our classroom in case of a nuclear strike.  And believe it or not, I didn’t live during World War II or the great depression.  But many felt times like that were either leading to the Great Tribulation and the end of the world as we know it, or that we were in the Great Tribulation.  
A recent survey of pastors found that nearly 9 out of 10 pastors viewed the end times prophecies as being showcased in current events.  56% of pastors believe that Jesus will return in their lifetime.  What do I think?  I am glad you asked.
Bottom line is I don’t know.  For those who hold to the rapture of the church, Jesus’ coming for the church is a “sign less” event.  If we believe that Jesus can come anytime, then there are no signs attached to that.  At any time from the moment Jesus ascended into heaven He could return.  The angels said to the disciples standing there, “This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven” (Acts 1:11).
Jesus will come again!  In Matthew 24:44 Jesus says, “Therefore, you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”  What are we to do while we wait for His coming?  Wait with a sense of expectancy!  What are we to do while we wait with a sense of expectancy?  Invite others to come to Jesus.  
As we move into 2021, as a church, and as individuals, remember Jesus promised to return.  And Jesus’ final words in Revelation were, “Yes, I am coming soon.”  How soon is soon?  It has been 2,000 years.  Remember that a thousand years are like a day to the Lord, Peter tells us in 2 Peter 3:8.  And Peter goes on to tell us that the Lord is not slow in keeping his promise (to return) but His delay is because he wants all to come to repentance.  He loves that co-worker, that unsaved friend of yours, that difficult family member, that obnoxious neighbor.  His delay in coming provides another day for another person to come to faith.  Here is the exciting part- He wants to use you.  He wants to use me!  He wants to use EBC!
Our priority for 2021 is to be about the work of God in faithful and reliable witnesses for Him wherever we are, doing what He has called us to do, until He comes!  I am excited about the work we are called to do here at EBC as we move into 2021.  No amount of darkness can keep the light of Christ from shining through the church.  After we finish strong in the 1 John series, we will look at being a bright spot in a dark world from the book of Daniel (beginning Superbowl weekend).  I can’t wait for this study!
Hope you had a great Christmas and I wish you the very best for the new year!  
Blessings to you, Pastor Brian

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Sermon Direction

Walking With Jesus When Weary and Worried
Matthew 14:22-33

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This Sunday we are privileged to have the New England District Superintendent for the Evangelical Free Church bring us God’s Word. Sam Huggard served as pastor at the Be Free Church in Alton for several years before accepting this new position as pastor to pastors and overseeing the Free Churches throughout New England. 

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