The Weekly Epistle 12/31/19

A little Bible trivia.  
What did Adam say on the night before Christmas?  “It’s Christmas Eve.”
What kind of man was Boaz before he got married?  “He was Ruthless.”
What was one of the things Adam and Eve did when they were removed from the garden?  “They raised Cain.”
What book of the Bible gives support for men to make coffee?  “Hebrews” (say it slowly).
How long did Cain hate his brother?  “As long as he was Abel.”
What Bible character broke all 10 commandments in one act?  “Moses” (remember when he came down the mountain with the two tablets of 10 commandments?).
How do we know that Abraham was a very smart man?  Because he knew a Lot.
Ok, groan, groan, groan!  I am sure I just opened it up for you to share one of your Bible puns with me.  In all seriousness, how well do you know the Bible?  If you had to boil down the message of the Bible in one sentence what would it be?  Do you know how the stories and events of the Bible fit together with that sentence?
I am excited about our next sermon series beginning this Sunday.  For the next several months, we will be looking at the story of Redemption from cover to cover.  In one sense, I am biting off more than we can chew.  But I am confident that we will grow in our understanding of God’s revelation to us and see its powerful relevance to our lives each week.  We will take large chunks of scripture each week, so I would encourage you to read as much of the section as you can in advance,  If you choose to do this, then by the end of the year you would have read through the entire Bible.  For this Sunday, our focus will be Genesis chapters 1-11.  
In other happenings, the men will be having a breakfast on Saturday, January 25.  Sign up will begin this Sunday.  Monday night basketball has begun again and started up strong.  If you are able to assist in this relationship building opportunity with those from our community then see Justin Whitman or contact the office.  If you want to show up and play, bring a friend with you.  
As the new year begins, look to strengthen your resolves and consider ways God wants you to serve, grow, give, and invest in the lives of others.  Community groups is a great place to grow your friendships with others in the church.  If you aren’t presently in a group, signup this Sunday to begin connecting with others at EBC.  
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for a new year walking with our faithful God who promises to be with you every step of the way!  
Blessings to you, Pastor Brian

Looking Forward

Sermon Direction

God Has A Plan

Genesis 1-11

Last Sunday’s Sermon

 New Sermon Series

“The Greatest Story From Cover to Cover”
Begins this Sunday 

Prayer Builders

Prayer Builders will be meeting this Sunday from 10:20-10:40 in the room behind the stage.

Community Group Sign ups

A new daytime community group will begin Thursday January 9th at 1pm at the home of Roger Allen in Belmont. Brad Smith will be facilitating. 
Sign ups will be this Sunday for all Community Groups that will resume in January

Men’s Breakfast

Men’s Breakfast Saturday January 25th 7am-8:30am
Sign-ups begin this Sunday.

Save The Date

“Created for Connections”
Marriage Seminar at EBC for the EBC family. 
April 3-4. More details to come.

Celebrate Recovery
5th Annual Fundraising Rally

Thursday January 23rd 6pm-7:30pm Pitman’s Freight Room Laconia.
$12 per person or $20 per couple. All proceeds go to Water’s Edge Church to support Celebrate Recovery. 
Meal. Music. Live Testimony. Recovery News.
Any questions contact Shaun Dutile or 603-366-8727

EBC Kids

Please pray for the EBC Kids Ministry. Volunteers in nursery, teachers and helpers in all age groups are needed. For more information please contact Mary Whitman 540-986-6626 or

Cancellation Procedure for Sunday Mornings

In the event of bad weather that would potentially impact services, the following will be taken into consideration: the current weather in Laconia, timing of the weather event, and whether roads, walkways, parking areas will be cleared. A decision will be made by 7:30 am to cancel one or both of our services. Events in the afternoon or evening will be dealt with separately. EBC will notify of cancellation using the following:  WMUR TV, Church website news feed , Email (weekly epistle list), and EBC public and private Facebook pages.