The Weekly Epistle 12/4/19

Hope!  We use that word in many ways.  “I hope the roads aren’t icy.”  “I hope my brother can visit this Christmas.”  “I hope the Pats win the super bowl this year.”  “I hope I can go some place warm this winter.”  “I hope the pastor’s sermon isn’t too long today” (dream on).  When we use the word ‘hope” we are expressing uncertainty.

The Biblical meaning of hope is more than just a desire for something good to happen.  It is more than crossing our fingers wishing for the best.  It is a confident expectation.  It not only expects it to happen, it is certain that it will happen. 

When we light the advent candle of hope, we are reminded that the prophecies spoken of in the Old Testament have come true in the person of Jesus Christ.  It wasn’t just wishful thinking on the part of the prophets to speak of the coming of the King who would rule on David’s throne forever, it was a certainty.  All their hopes were pinned on the coming of the Messiah.  Their hope was in God to do great things and He did the greatest thing in meeting our greatest need for a Savior! 

Where is your hope?  What can you be sure of as a child of God?  What certainties are yours as you look to the future?  Take time this Christmas season to unwrap the great things God has promised you.  Read through Psalm 42 sometime.  I love verse 5 where the Psalmist talks to himself.  He says, “Why are you downcast, O my soul?  Why so disturbed within me?  Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise Him my Savior and my God.”  John Piper calls this “a sermon to preach to yourself: hope in God!”  Preach to yourself that no matter the situation, you can trust in God to see you through it.  Keep calling yourself back to hope in God. 

I hope you plan on attending the Christmas Extravaganza on Sunday, December 15 form 4:00-7:00.  You do need to sign up for this church family event!  We will be doing some caroling and celebrating together our Savior’s birth. 

“Connecting the Dots This Christmas” is the theme of our Christmas sermon series.  We will look at some passages from the book of Isaiah that connect the prophet’s words to the first coming of Christ.  This series will urge us to trust God with the future by looking backwards to the One who was once a baby, became a man, and died for us that we may be reconciled to God! 

Our Christmas Eve service is on Tuesday, December 24 @ 6:30.  We will end the night as usual with candles burning brightly for Him as we sing of Jesus as the light who came into the world of darkness! 

Did you know that Jesus’ coming is woven throughout Scripture?  The story of Redemption is what the Bible is all about.  In the new year, we will explore together how the stories of the Bible fit the story of the Bible.  More details to come…

Have a great rest of the week.  Hope to see you Sunday!  Pastor Brian

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Connecting The Dots To The Manger

Isaiah 7 & Matthew 1:18-23

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Connecting the Dots This Christmas
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Advent comes from the Latin adventus which means, “coming.”  The main event is the coming, or birth, of Jesus our Savior.  As the saints of old anticipated with great expectation Jesus’ first coming, we too eagerly anticipate His return.  The four weeks of Advent represent the remembering of the thousands of years God’s people were longing for the coming of God’s salvation.

Christmas Eve Service

Tuesday December 24th at 6:30 pm

EBC’s Christmas Extravaganza

Sunday December 15th from 4pm-7pm join us for a family friendly Christmas Extravaganza. This is a church ministry wide event. This evening will be filled with a chili and cornbread dinner, Christmas caroling in our neighborhood and to our shut in’s, story time, cookies, cocoa and more.

Sign up this Sunday if you haven’t already.

For those interested, the story book we will be reading will be available to purchase that evening.

Caroling Bags

Please remember to bring back this Sunday the caroling bags you picked up at the Christmas Extravaganza booth.

Young Families Community Group

Due to the expansion of community groups the Wednesday night group “Young Families Community Group” is in need of more paid childcare workers. Please contact Tim Whitman at 540-986-6625,, or message him if you are able. 

Trajectory REC Basketball

Trajectory REC Monday Night Basketball is Back and BETTER than ever! Beginning Monday December 16th from 7pm-9pm at the gymnasium.

Cancellation Procedure for Sunday Mornings

In the event of bad weather that would potentially impact services, the following will be taken into consideration: the current weather in Laconia, timing of the weather event, and whether roads, walkways, parking areas will be cleared. A decision will be made by 7:30 am to cancel one or both of our services. Events in the afternoon or evening will be dealt with separately. EBC will notify of cancellation using the following:  WMUR TV, Church website news feed , Email (weekly epistle list), and EBC public and private Facebook pages.