The Weekly Epistle 2/11/21

“You yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house,
to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.”
—1 Peter 2:5

Dear EBC family,
This past Sunday may have been one of the most tenderhearted moments in the history of our little church. After months of health-imposed isolation, 15 members of the EBC family were able to return to in-person services due to some simple policy changes made concerning EBC’s COVID response. There were more than a few tears shed as friends gathered in flesh and blood for the first time in nearly a year.

As Evangelical Christians, our personal relationship with Jesus is absolutely core to our faith.
Jesus is not some lifeless icon adorning a cross in an equally lifeless cathedral. Jesus is our personal Lord and Savior. He resides in our hearts. He meets us in the secret quiet places of our lives. He knows us intimately, and we know him. 

However, is it possible for our personal relationship with Jesus to get too personal?
While we do indeed have a personal relationship with Jesus, we do not have an exclusive relationship with him. Jesus didn’t have a disciple. He had disciples. It wasn’t just Jesus and Peter. It was Jesus, Peter, James, John, nine other guys, and a fair number of ladies. He didn’t call any one of them into an exclusive friendship. He called all of them into the greater fellowship of the disciples. Our personal relationship with Jesus gets too personal when we exclude other believers.

Jesus established the Church because he knew we needed more than he alone could supply.
Jesus established the Church because he knew we needed each other. We need the love, encouragement, and support of our fellow Christians to keep us moving forward in our walk with him. 

Pursue your personal relationship with Jesus, just don’t exclude his bride.
The isolation imposed by COVID is one thing, but many of us flounder in self-imposed isolation that leaves our faith cold and anemic. As anyone of the aforementioned attenders can testify, we need each other. The Church isn’t just a part of the Christian experience. It is the Christian experience.  

Here are four ways you can engage in the church this week.

  1. Engage in the worship life of EBC: Through our Sunday worship service, we engage Jesus and each other through the ministry of music and the Word.
  2. Engage in the communal study of God’s Word: Through our Sunday Studies, we dive deeper into the life-changing Word of God and Christian living through cooperative study and discussion. We are currently offering two classes. See details below.
  3. Engage in the fellowship of the saints: Through our Community Groups, we grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus as we grow deeper in our relationship with each other. To join a community group, contact Tim Whitman (
  1. Engage in the service of others: Through our acts of service to others, we become more like Jesus and bring honor to him as we meet the needs of others. To learn about the ways you can serve, contact the church office (

Pastor Dan

Looking Forward

Sermon Direction

The Effect on One Decision
Daniel 1:8-21

Link to This Sunday Worship Service


Service Change

We are now offering two services. The 9 am service, masks will be required to be worn for the entire worship service. The 10:45 am service will continue as is and you may choose to remove masks once you are seated. Masks must be worn while entering and leaving the building as well as during fellowship time. 
We will continue to livestream at 10:45 am.
We are doing this on a temporary basis to be considerate and loving of those who would like to attend but prefer stricter guidelines around masks.

Save the Date 
Business Meeting

Our next business meet will be Thursday March 25th at 7pm with a prayer time at 6:30pm. Please mark this on your calendar and come out for an update on EBC happenings.

Discovery Class

Join us for 4 weeks beginning March 7th on Sunday mornings at 9am. This class is for those looking for more information about our church and those considering membership.

EBC Sunday Study

It’s not too late to join one of our 4 week Sunday morning Studies we are offering. These studies will meet Sunday morning at 9am downstairs in the Fellowship Hall and Room 104. Please see the details below on each of the studies being offered.

Take The World, But Give Me Jesus
 With Adam Hayes
Overexposure is one of the greatest threats to peace in the modern church. With access to every corner of the world and into the living rooms of so many individuals, church members often willingly put themselves in the way of fear and envy. While this feels like a modern problem, the heart of the matter is ancient. This class will be an opportunity to turn your attention away from all that’s robbing you and others of peace and reconnect you with your God who promises to protect and provide.
 Objectives for this study: 
·      Address the temptations of fear and envy that stir when we dwell on the world’s prosperity and progress apart from God. 
·      Replace rumination with God’s eternal promises, so that we can live our calling confidently; trusting that He is our strength and portion forever.

Living Grace
With Susan Lyle
 The Living Grace Class is a discipleship growth experience intended for people who struggle with mental and emotional challenges (e.g., anxiety, panic, depression, and/or other diagnoses). As a group, we will explore biblical truths, scientific research, and practical tools to cultivate healthy hearts and minds. Topics include identity in Christ, renewing your mind, managing stress, and relaxation and joy.
Objectives for this study:
·      To better know and understand who we are in Christ specifically as it relates to our mental and emotional struggles. 
·      To help build individual resilience in navigating mental and emotional challenges.
·      To cultivate a safe and supportive network of individuals with mental and emotional challenges.

Prayer and Praise

If you have any prayer requests or needs, please email Corianne at: