The Weekly Epistle 2/9/21

A little boy was frightened by a storm one night. Several times he cried out in fear and his mother would come to his room for comfort and to remind him that God was always with him. As she prepared to leave the third time her son grabbed her arm, held tight, and said, “I know Mommy, but I want God with skin-on!”

As we looked at this past Sunday, the God who heard our cries, came down to planet earth and encountered suffering personally in a way that the Almighty God had never before encountered.  Jesus was God with skin on.  Let me take this one step further.  
As the church, we are Jesus’ body.  Jesus was a visual representation of the invisible God.  
We are to be God with skin on to each other in the church and to our unbelieving friends and neighbors.  Jesus met each person at his point of need.  We should, too.  
I have been blessed by that warm smile on Sunday morning, that reminder I am being prayed for, and that handwritten note that says, “thanks for the livestreaming of Sunday services.” 
For the one who could use a meal right now, God with skin on, drops that meal off.  We can be God with skin on to the one who needs some companionship, or a ride to an appointment, or a word of encouragement.  In scary, challenging times, we can be “God with skin on” by speaking words of hope to each other.  
Church, we have two exciting events coming up to be “God with skin on” to each other.  There is the breakfast on Saturday, February 19 @ 8:00.  There is the chowder and chili potluck on Sunday, February 27 @ noon in the gym.  Bring your best chili for the chili cookoff.  These are opportunities to encourage one another as we fellowship together, over food of course.
The late Wayne Oats called the idea of “God with skin-on” the ministry of presence. Whenever we share our lives with others or when we are the hands and feet of Jesus in meeting a need, we become the powerful presence of God.  How can you practice the ministry of presence this week?  
The ministry of presence is something we are called to and does not require a certain gift set.  However, since God has arranged the parts of the body just as he determined, we do use the spiritual gifts God has given each of us to carry out the ministry of presence.  For some, it is through the gift of hospitality.  For others, it is through the gift of encouragement or mercy or helps or giving or one of the other many gifts mentioned in Scripture.  
Do you know the spiritual gift God has given you?  Do you know how God is calling you to use that gift in the church?  Do you know the passion God has placed within you and what it would look like to be released to live that out?  I would invite you to attend two Saturday mornings in March (3/19 & 3/26) at the church for the networking workshop.  You can sign up this Sunday and get your participants guide to get started on this spiritual journey toward greater impact in meaningful service for the Lord!  
Hope to see you this Sunday, if not sooner!  
Blessings, Pastor Brian

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Hebrews 4:14-16

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Kingdom Agenda

A 6-week Bible study for men and women entitled Kingdom Agenda by Tony Evans is being hosted by the adult discipleship team.  This is in the Fellowship Hall downstairs Sunday mornings from 9:00 – 10:00.

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There is a signup sheet for the Adult Breakfast (men and women) taking place on Saturday, February 19th at 8am in the fellowship hall.

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Sign-up for the potluck on Sunday, February 27th following the church service.  Indicate name, number attending, what you plan to bring and if you want to participate in the chili cookoff.

Sign-up for Networking Spiritual Gifts Workshop

The networking class to determine your spiritual gifts is being held Saturday, March 19th and March 26th 9-12am in the fellowship hall.  If you have never determined what God has gifted you with, this is an excellent workshop to help you determine your gifts.

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Discovery Class: 4-week class to learn more about who we are as a church Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:00 (3/20-4/10)

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