The Weekly Epistle 3/11/20

The greatness of prayer is simply an extension of the greatness of God in our lives!  Tim Keller puts it this way, “Prayer is so great that wherever you look in the Bible, it is there.  Why?  Everywhere God is, prayer is.  Since God is everywhere and infinitely great, prayer must be all-pervasive in our lives.”
Prayer is what set Israel aside from all other nations.  Moses says in Deuteronomy 4:7, “What other nation is so great as to have their gods near them the way the Lord our God is near us whenever we pray to him?”  When we pray, we are treating God as God.  When we pray, we set ourselves apart from all those who do not know God.  So, church, we must pray!
Fellowship of prayer is this Sunday night from 6:00-7:00 in the worship center.  One of our values as a church is that we are devoted to prayer.  Prayer was a common practice when the early church gathered, according to Acts 2:42; 11:5; 12:5, 12.  
Church, let’s gather this Sunday night to pray for our ministries, church leadership and family, our community, what’s next campaign, and our ministry plan going forward.  
Marriage conference sign-up continues for two more weeks, so register this Sunday.  Created for Connection conference will provide you with practical application for a healthier marriage.  If there is a couple outside the church you would like to invite to this conference, then feel free to do so.  
Momentum is back on Sunday, March 29 from 5-7.  There is also open gym for Teen basketball every Friday night in March from 7-9.  And coming in May there will be a momentum Sunday study on Sunday mornings.  Momentum is for grades 5-12.  
I am loving our study through the entire Bible.  Someone asked me, “Once you finish this series on The Greatest Story from Cover to Cover, then what’s left for you to preach on?”  Trust me, there is plenty of material in God’s Word to keep me going for a long time! For example, in the summer, I will be preaching on the guide to joyful living from the book of Philippians.  No matter what we face in life, we can choose joy!  Stay tuned!
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Don’t forget, this Sunday night from 6-7.  As Hudson Taylor put it, “Brother, if you are to win…we must go forward on our knees.”
Blessings to you, Pastor Brian

Looking Forward

Sermon Direction

Less Than a Perfect King

2 Samuel 1-12

Last Sunday’s Sermon

Created for Connection

EBC is hosting a marriage conference for the EBC family. This will be a two-day event, Friday night and all-day Saturday, April 3-4. Friday 7pm-9pm and Saturday 8:30am -4pm. 
There will be 3 workshops to choose from that will be taught by three of our very own counselors and Pastor. Signup this Sunday. Check out the bulletin for your brochure.


“World Famous” Singers are going to entertain the OWLS on Saturday March 14th (snow date March 21st) at EBC at 1:30pm. Our very own Rob and Patsy Tacker will be sharing their singing talents with us. The Tacker’s have sung at many different venues, but several of us heard them at Patrick’s Pub last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. We are in for a special treat. Come prepared to enjoy dessert, tap your feet and relax with Rob and Patsy.

Fellowship of Prayer

Join us Sunday March 15th at 6pm as we come together for a time of worship and prayer.

EBC Security

If you are interested in serving on the EBC Security Team, please see Scott Estes or email him at

Good Friday Service

Friday April 10th 7pm

Coffee & Connect

Women need genuine fellowship with other women on their journey. 
Join us Thursday March 19th at Wayfarer Coffee Roasters from 6pm-7:00pm 626 Main St Laconia. Come meet new friends and know that on your journey, you are not alone. 

Women’s Night of Worship

Thursday March 19th Wayfarer Coffee Roasters 7:30pm-9pm Doors open at 7pm. Come out for a night or worship, prayer, and fellowship with women from our local churches. Let’s come together and minister to each other as we all gather in His name!

Ministry Fair

The next Ministry Fair will be Sunday 3/22 and 3/29. You will have opportunities to learn more about the ministries here at EBC and sign up to volunteer and get involved! There will be an insert in the bulletin this Sunday with ways you can volunteer.


Save the date for this year’s OnGoal Soccer Camp! 
June 23-27