The Weekly Epistle 3/17/21

“I’ll pray for you.”  Ever said that and forgot to pray?  Talk about feeling guilty.  And the only thing worse than that is when the person you said you would pray for says to you, “thanks for praying.”  What do you do with that one?
Years ago, I became very convicted about this well-intentioned but overused Christian cliché.  I desire that my “Yes” be yes and my “No” be no and that applies to my promise to pray for someone.  Here are some practical tips that may help you to keep your word when it comes to praying for others.  
If it is appropriate, pause to pray with that person right then.  This can even be done on the phone.  
As soon as possible after hearing that request, pray for that person, even if it is a brief word with God.  
Immediately, write down the prayer request.  On Sundays, when a prayer request is shared with me, it is helpful for me to write that request down on my bulletin.  I know some people who keep a notebook with them to write it down as soon as possible.  It also helps them to follow up with that person later.  
Instead of saying, “I will pray for you,” you might say, “as that comes to mind, I will pray.”  Then ask God to bring that person and their request to your mind.  You might be surprised how often you will be reminded during the week.  
If the person is fine with your sharing that request with others, then involve others in praying.  This not only serves to strengthen and bless others in their faith but helps keep you accountable.  
God has given us this wonderful means of grace, called prayer.  The more we pray, the more our faith is strengthened in the God who hears and answers our prayers.  And don’t think of prayer as an activity you do at a prescribed time, but an attitude of prayer in which you can do while you are driving, walking, jogging, exercising, cooking dinner, trying to fall asleep at night.  
There have been many nights when my inability to sleep has led me to pray for you.  Often, my mind will recall those I saw in church this past week, to lift them up in prayer.  Even if I might not have specific personal requests, I can pray Philippians 1:9-11 or Colossians 1:9-11 or for your marriage or for your children, or for your ministry, or for God to open up opportunities for you to share your faith. 
Speaking of prayer, there will be a “prayer 30” the night of the business meeting (March 25).  At 6:30 we will join for 30 minutes of prayer, all are invited to this time of prayer.  
If you are a member of the church, then the business meeting is an opportunity for you to hear more from the leadership about affiliating with the Evangelical Free Church.  There will be an update on the convent building project, financial report, and a recommendation from the elders to approve Gary Cobis as an elder. 
It has been such a blessing to see more and more of the EBC family on Sunday mornings. Until then, blessings to you!  Pastor Brian

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We will be celebrating communion this Sunday. If you are joining us from home, please have your elements ready.

Business Meeting

Our next business meeting will be Thursday March 25th at 7pm with a prayer time at 6:30pm. Please mark this on your calendar and come out for an update on EBC happenings.

Child Dedication

There will be a child dedication on Sunday, April 11. If you are interested, please mark your calendars to meet with Pastor Brian on Sunday March 28 between services (10:15-10:30)

Good Friday

Join us for our Good Friday service on Friday April 2nd at 7pm.

Easter Sunday Services

For Easter Sunday, the mask requirements will be the same for both 1st and 2nd services. Masks are required to be worn to and from your seats only. EBC Kids will take place during 2nd service only and nursery will be provided during both services.

Upcoming Missions Trip

Are you interested in joining a short-term Mission trip?  EBC’s Global Outreach Team is joining with Rick Odess from Missions Door to send a group to El Salvador for church related projects.  This would be a 9 day trip in or around August.  If you are interested or have questions, please reach out to Mary Beth Letourneau (603-545-7329) or another member of the Global Outreach Team.

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