The Weekly Epistle 5/10/23

Hi Living Hope Family,
I say, “Up” you say, “Down.”  I say, “Black,” you say, “White.”  I say, “Open,” you say, “Closed.”  I say, “God,” you say,…? What? What goes in there?  Is it Satan?  Is Satan the opposite of God?  Wouldn’t that suggest that God and Satan are equals?  Is it really what the cartoons taught us that the devil is sitting on one shoulder whispering bad advice and God sitting on the other shoulder whispering good?  
God is the Creator.  Satan is a creature.  God and Satan are not equal forces going against one another.  That just might be our enemy’s greatest deception.  We cannot give him that kind of credit.  
Let’s play the opposite game again.  I say, “Light,” you say, “Dark.”  I say, “God,” you say, “Nothing.”  The opposite of God is nothing.  God does not have an equal.  This truth is life changing.  When the Bible says, “If God is for us, who can be against us?”  The answer is no one or nothing can ever be against us.  To have the unequaled God FOR US, means then that nothing has the power to outmaneuver God or get the upper hand or have His way in our lives.  
God is all-powerful.  Satan is not.  God is present everywhere.  Satan is not.  God knows everything at the same time.  Satan is limited.  We shouldn’t underestimate the power of evil, for the devil can wreak havoc.  Lots of it. 
The God we serve, and love is FOR US.  That really big issue standing against you right now- the God who is for you is bigger than that!  That nagging temptation that won’t quit- the God who is for you knows the way out that is best for you.  Those self-condemning thoughts, rehearsal of regrets, and failures that are on playback mode.  The God, who is for you, has the words of truth He knows you need to hear right now. 
Nothing has the power to stop what it is the unequaled God wants to give you.  Even when it may feel that things are against you, the God of the universe is forever for you.  No individual.  No government.  No circumstance.  No struggle.  Even your lapses of unbelief.  Nothing can be against you.  
How would each day be different if we really embraced the truth that God is for us?  How does it speak to our weariness?  How would it give us perspective when life gets us down or God seems silent or we experience a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day?  I love that book, but I digress.
Rest in the God who is like no other.  Enjoy the rest of your week!
Blessings, Pastor Brian