The Weekly Epistle 5/18/22

Mawwiage is whut bwings us togewah today.  I must admit that line in the movie Princess Bride is one of my favorites of all time.  And just in case you are wondering, as tempted as I have been, I have never uttered those words at a wedding ceremony.  
But marriage is what brings my thoughts together today as I write these words.  What I really want to speak to is how the beauty of the gospel speaks to the brokenness of marriage.  Marriages are broken because two imperfect people come together.  On the wedding day one sinner looks into the eyes of another sinner and promises all kinds of sweet things.  But really the pastor should say, “Now repeat after me: I am a sinner who cannot meet all your needs and you are stuck with me the rest of your life.”  “Now you may kiss your bride.”  In case you are wondering, I have never said that either, though it is true.  But it isn’t the sentiment we are looking for during a wedding ceremony.
Marriages struggle for many reasons- finances, communication problems, unresolved issues, poor ways of expressing emotions, sexual tension, and on it goes.  Couples can seek out help for these struggles.  But what every couple must come to grips with is the battle that rages inside each of us – a conflict of loves.  At the risk of coming across as simplistic, who or what we love is a matter we must continually address in marital conflict.  
Do I love God wholeheartedly?  Do I love others, namely my spouse?  Do I love my desires more than my spouse’s needs?  Do I love my way?  What love is interfering with loving my spouse selflessly? 
When problems arise in a marriage the first place we want to look is  at our spouse- “what’s his problem?”  “What is wrong with her?”  The last place we want to look is within ourselves.  But if the sin within our own hearts is not addressed, then we will be putting Band-aids on the problems.  
Will you dare to look inside?  Will you own what needs to change in your own heart?  Will you admit your own selfishness and that your love for self has been interfering with your love for your spouse?  And remember the power of the gospel, God can redeem and restore even the most broken marriages.  God is able to transform hard hearts.  If sin is our greatest problem, then our greatest need is to lean into our Savior.  Will you do that?  
Married or single, will you pray for our marriages in the church?  Will you pray that couples will find fresh ways to love each other as a reflection of the gospel?  Will you pray that God would pour out His grace to heal the brokenness in marriage?  Will you pray that couples throughout our church will be intentional in protecting what they have?  
As one pastor challenged couples, I pass it on to you- before you lay your head on the pillow tonight ask each other, “What is one way I can love you better?”  Then listen and do it.  
Don’t forget about the couples’ breakfast this Saturday morning from 8:00-9:30. This will be an opportunity to spend time together with other couples and to pray for our marriages.  Also, Kingdom Marriage class begins this Sunday at 9:00 in the fellowship hall.
Blessings, Pastor Brian

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The couple’s breakfast is this Saturday, May 21st .  Plan to join us in the Fellowship Hall at 8am.

Kingdom Marriage Series

Do you desire to tap into the power of God as you seek God’s perspective and purpose for your marriage?  Kingdom Marriage is a 6 week video series you won’t want to miss.  It begins on this Sunday at 9:00 AM in the Fellowship Hall.

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Don’t forget to register your k-9th grade children for On Goal Soccer Camp! Camp Dates: June 28th – July 2nd at Leavitt Park, Laconia.    Register at: Financial assistance is available, please email for an application.   Questions? Email Karen Bassett at

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