The Weekly Epistle 5/26/21

Behind the Scenes!  This past Sunday in our study in Daniel, I directed us to chapter 10 which gave us a peek behind the scenes to the activity in the unseen world.  There is a conflict going on in the heavenly realms in which all the forces of evil are attempting to thwart the purposes of God.  We know, of course, that Satan and the fallen, evil angels are no match for God.  There is a limit to what they can do.  God’s plans will prevail.  
I want to share with you some ways that we can see evidence of God’s work at EBC.  This is a look behind the scenes, if you will.
God continues to bring new people to the church.  Each week there are new faces, and on many occasions, people are returning after their initial visit and calling EBC their home.  Praise God!  Let me encourage you, regular attenders, that when you see a new person introduce yourself.  I know that at times, due to covid and the two services, you may feel embarrassed to learn that the person has been coming here for a while.  Most people understand when that happens, and it is better than that newcomer leaving without being touched by a warm personal greeting.  Take the risk.  I have said before, most newcomers I talk with feel very welcomed.  Keep it up!
Also, there have been some people new to the faith over the last several months.  God has given me the privilege of leading two individuals to the Lord over the last few months, just one this past Sunday.  I share that so you can rejoice with the angels in heaven.  I also share that to encourage you to pray for the salvation of the lost and as you have opportunity speak of the good news to others.  Honestly, my part in leading these two individuals to the Lord was the “easy” aspect of evangelism.  Somewhere along the way, others had been praying for these individuals and done the hard work of planting and watering.  Only in heaven will you hear the stories of how your prayers and work of sowing seeds have been answered.
Praise the Lord for the people returning to worship each Sunday.  More and more people are comfortable attending once again and my heart is so blessed by that!  I hope this trend continues.
It was exciting to hear that over 70 kids have registered for on-goal soccer camp this year.  And there is still a month to go.  There has been a positive response for hosts homes for the coaches and helping with the other needs for that week.  Please stop by at the on-goal service tree to see what items you can provide for that week.  More help is needed for meals and the picnic.  
I am looking forward to the church picnic this year which will be at Ellacoya State Park on August 28.  I have had a few already talk to me about getting baptized.  One new believer said to me recently, “I can’t wait to be baptized.  I would have done it this past winter in the lake if I had to.”  Isn’t that awesome!
There is a freshness in the air, and it isn’t just the warmer weather.  As we enjoy the summer season, do it together.  Serve together, worship together, share meals together, pray together, laugh together, for the Christian journey is a lot lighter when we do it together!
Blessings to you, Pastor Brian

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On Goal Soccer Camp is coming soon! Have you registered yet?
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Camp Dates: June 22-26, 2021
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Ages: Entering grades K-9
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