The Weekly Epistle 6/29/22

The overturning of Roe V. Wade is not a victory for any certain political party or merely conservatives.  It is a victory for the unborn.  It is a victory for life!  While it is true that the ending of life through abortion will continue, it is a very positive step in reflecting the heart of God for those who bear His image.  
I came across this very thought-provoking question, “If it’s wrong to hurt people because of skin color or gender, why is it okay to hurt them because they are smaller, less developed, or in a different location?” Excellent question! The article also asked, “Do you believe that each and every human being has an equal right to life, or do only some have it based on something none of us share equally?” These are logical questions. But then again, common sense isn’t very common. (See article, “All we did was survive” by Scott Klusendorf).

Over the time I have been here, on several occasions, I have addressed the sanctity of human life. Let me repeat myself. Human life is a gift from God to be cherished from the time of conception until natural death. God is directly involved with human life at every age and affirms its value under all conditions. As followers of Christ, it is imperative for us to maintain this same high regard for life. We are to call society to embrace the value of human life and to affirm the dignity and worth of all. 

This  high value on human life extends beyond the rights of the unborn child, to the dignity of the elderly, and the care of the handicapped and where it does not, then it is our responsibility to foster a higher morality. We are to defend the defenseless and that includes the modern-day slavery of sex trafficking and to challenge the biases of our culture and the devaluing of life in all its forms.
In other words, all life is sacred for every single human being bears the image of God. So, we must be pro-life from the womb to the tomb. As followers of Christ, we don’t have to choose between speaking into moral behaviors and promoting the gospel. We can speak truthfully within the context of the redemptive power of the gospel. 

As we engage our culture, particularly those who disagree with this ruling, do so with kindness and love.  Peter reminds us in speaking of the reason for our hope that we must, “do so with gentleness and respect.”  Also, be sensitive to those who have experienced the taking of life through abortion.  Pray for God’s healing touch on their lives as the gospel is able to redeem their story for His glory!  Freedom from condemnation is possible for them for grace is greater than all sin.  

We should give thanks for the overturning of Roe v Wade as it affirms God’s truth that life in the womb is sacred.  Let’s pray for those states that are now working through the implications of this ruling.  Let’s pray for wisdom and discernment as we serve as His representatives in this broken world.  
The Evangelical Free Church or America issued a statement following this ruling.  I would encourage you to read their position.  Here is the link:  
Blessings, Pastor Brian

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