The Weekly Epistle 7/15/20

“How to be miserable.”  I came across an article years ago with that title.  This is what it said in part.  “How to be miserable:  
Think about yourself.  Talk about yourself.  Use ‘I’ as often as possible.  Mirror yourself continually in the opinion of others.  Listen greedily to what people say about you.  Expect to be appreciated.  Be suspicious.  Be jealous and envious.  Be sensitive to slights.  Never forgive a criticism.  Trust nobody but yourself.  Insist on consideration and respect.  Demand agreement with your own views on everything.  Sulk if people aren’t grateful to you for favors shown them.  Never forget a service you have rendered.  Shirk your duties if you can.  Do as little as possible for others.  Love yourself supremely and be selfish.”
Isn’t it true that the most miserable people are those who think only of themselves?  Being others-oriented is not natural.  Selfishness is ingrained from our birth.  We often worship at the shrine of “me, myself and I.”  If there is anything we need to continually repent of, it is the pride in our hearts that puts ourselves before others.  Our passage this past week on “Others” from Philippians 2:1-4, continues to greatly challenge me.  Let’s resolve to think as a servant thinks and consider others needs over our own.  We will look at the ideal servant this coming Sunday.
Whether you are joining us at church for one of our two services or watching livestream at 10:45, we are united around the common bond and purposes of Jesus Christ.  My heart is refreshed as each week more people are attending the service in person.  But I miss seeing those of you who aren’t able to come out.  Please know that you are on my mind and I pray for you regularly.  As leaders, we have an ongoing discussion about doing what is best for the church family and our testimony.   We regularly evaluate what we are doing and what we can change going forward.  Your prayers and patience are appreciated! 
Under state guidelines, we are not allowed to offer childcare of any kind.  I am pursing this issue with the state.  Pray that something changes here and that we do the right thing.  
Speaking of prayer, our next prayer time is Tuesday, July 28 from 7:00pm – 7:30pm in the gym parking lot (rain date is Wednesday).  It has been encouraging as it is necessary to join our hearts together in prayer.  Local pastors who have been meeting for over 2 years now, continue to pray each Tuesday at noon for revival, repentance, awakening of our churches, and the specific issues of our region.  
Here is a challenge.  Set a reminder to pause and pray each Tuesday at noon, even if it is for a few minutes, starting next Tuesday, July 21. Commit to doing this for two months, ending on September 22.  Why now?  We need to rise up to pray for an awakening of our churches.  We need to stand in the gap and pray for revival of our nation.  Awakening and revival can only come through genuine repentance and returning to God.  Pray that takes place in your heart, your church family, and throughout this region. 
Be encouraged, church, God is working in our midst.  Just this past Sunday, in several brief conversations, my heart was blessed by God’s work in their lives.  In all the troubling news, keep your ears open to what God is doing in people.  Spread good news that is equal to all the bad we hear about continually.  
May His praise be on our lips in all things! 
Pastor Brian

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