The Weekly Epistle 7/20/22

“If a leader is leading and no one is following, he is just taking a walk.”  Not sure who said it, but it has stuck with me.  There are two aspects to this.  There needs to be good “followership.”  But there also needs to be leaders who look behind to make sure people are following.  If not, then he/she should ask, “why not?” 
Seven years ago, I came to EBC with a vision for becoming a disciple-making church.  That vision has not changed.  The means for accomplishing that vision are founded on the 4-E model for ministry.  They are…You tell me!  Check out the answer below in the announcement section.
Did you get all four correct?  Did you have them in the right order?  These four vehicles for moving us toward disciple-making have a lot of flexibility as to their specifics.  But our overall direction for how we do ministry is driven by these four E’s.  Our calendar planning as ministry leaders is intended to line up with these four aspects of ministry.  Our budget then follows the planning.  Don’t forget about the budget review meeting on August 7 from 10:15-10:45 in the fellowship hall downstairs of the church.  This is an opportunity for you see what these ministry leaders have planned for the coming fiscal year as reflected in the budget.  
Speaking of ministry leaders, do you know who they are?  Do you know who is serving at this time as team leaders of each of our ministries?  Ok here is another test.  (Again, answers are below).
  Momentum team leader:
  Local outreach:
    (Trec/gym ministry):
  Global outreach:
  Buildings and grounds:
  Worship production:
  Care & Visitation:
  Community groups:
  EBC kids:
  Adult Discipleship:
If you would like to serve in these areas or have questions about the ministry, these are the ones to contact.  In our leadership structure, there is an elder responsible for overseeing the ministry.  The elders are not tasked with “running” that ministry, but their primary relationship is to the team leader of that ministry.  
God continues to impress upon Pastor Dan and me the need to raise up and equip leaders to effectively serve in their area of responsibility.  I appreciate the ways Dan is intentionally doing this in the areas of momentum, worship, community groups, and hospitality.  My focus of late has been on local outreach, adult discipleship, identifying and raising up elders, and mentoring men.  
I am excited about what God has for us as we serve together to be the church God wants us to be.  He is adding people to our church who are jumping in to serve, to help build community, and to widen our sphere of influence.  To God be the Glory!  Pastor Brian
*Answer to 4 E’s: Engaging, Establishing, Equipping, Evangelizing
**Answer to ministry team leaders: Dylan Treamer (Momentum), Susan Lyle (Hospitality), Pastor Brian (Local outreach), Justin Whitman (Trec/gym), Mary Beth Letourneau (Global), Bill Wixson (Buildings & Grounds), Pastor Dan (worship), Nathaniel Jabukens (Production), Norma & Jay and Betty Moreau (Owls), Cori Perrino (Communications), Brad Smith (Care and visitation), Rob Tacker (Community groups), Tim & Mary Whitman (EBC kids), Anna Yasharian (Adult discipleship), Randy Bassett (finances).

Looking Forward

Sermon Direction

Wronged for Doing Right
Genesis 39:13-23

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We will be celebrating communion this Sunday.

Proposed Budget

The proposed budget for September 2022 – August 2023 will be available for pickup on the ministry counter this Sunday.

Looking Ahead

Baptism informational meeting is on Sunday, July 31 @ 10:15 in the fellowship hall.  If you would like to be baptized at our picnic, then please attend this meeting.  

Church picnic and Baptism is August 27 from 11:00-4:00 at Ellacoya State Park.  

Together Initiative Q&A
The elders will host a Q&A for those interested in learning more about our church’s initiative to join the Evangelical Free Church of America. The Q&A will occur in between services on Sunday, August 14, in the fellowship hall. In the meantime, please visit for more information on the Together Initiative.

Budget review meeting is on August 7 between services, downstairs in fellowship hall.  

Mark your calendars for our next business meeting on Tuesday, August 30.