The Weekly Epistle 7/31/19

As most of you know, a few years ago as a church we adopted the ISKI people in support of the work Seth and Rochelle Callahan among the ISKI people in Papua, New Guinea.  Here is an update from André & Aurélie who are co-workers with the Callahans.

We are very encouraged by the growth of many in their spiritual life. Our dear Iski friends live in misery, sometimes hunger, and they work hard in their gardens, however this misery turns into a blessing because they are well aware that this world has nothing to offer them. Their hope rests in God alone and He answers their prayers daily.

We have recently translated Luke 6, “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you shall be satisfied.”

As she was working on this chapter, Brigita said, “It’s very true! As long as we are on this earth, we will live in pain and hard work. We have practically nothing, but it does not really matter because we have what matters most, salvation in Jesus! Nothing in this world can compare to what Jesus offers us, nothing! We are richer than many.” Then she said, “We have Jesus, and Jesus hears our prayers.”

Last Sunday was the first public wedding in Oguru. In Iski culture, marriage is an ill-defined term, people go out together, move in together, break up, a bit like in the West. There is no wedding day but a “trial period” that often ends in separation even after the birth of a child. Since 2017 Christians have been waiting for the opportunity to show their obedience to the Lord and their difference. Last Sunday Bitris and Moombi were married in front of the community of the church, it was a joyful celebration but also an example and an encouragement for all.

We also praise the Lord for Leoni who gave birth to a baby girl last week. Both are doing well. The baby is healthy but really small and we think she is born ahead of time. Please remember them in your prayers. Leoni had lost her firstborn child in 2017, pray that this baby girl can grow strong.

Three nights ago, a young woman called Damaris also gave birth to her first child. It was not going well.  Time was running out and the baby was not coming. Previously, before the Gospel, we had also witnessed difficult births: everyone was afraid, the women would leave the room one after the other and try to find out what could have caused this. Perhaps the father and the mother had had an argument recently? Had “harmony” been disrupted in one way or another? The father would come and shout apologies to his wife from under the house, hoping that the restored harmony would help them deliver the child…

But tonight it was different! All the women had gathered around Damaris, staying with her all night and praying for her. Lucy said, “We were not afraid because we had put Damaris in the hands of our God. We were powerless to support her but the Almighty God was with us that night. When the baby was born, we could only praise His Name. Thanks to him, a new life was born in Oguru.”

God answers prayers! He is alive. Thank you for your prayers for us. This week, we ask you to pray for rain. The last few weeks have been very dry and our water supply is at the lowest, we have barely enough for a week.

Thank you for your prayers,
André & Aurélie

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“When Worship Goes Wrong”
Exodus 32
Pastor Dan Lyle

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The HVAC system will be up and running throughout the entire building this Sunday! A huge thank you to Dowling Corp and Durgin Electric!

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We will be hosting a Neighborhood Block Party on Saturday August 17thfrom 4pm-7pm in the gym parking lot! Sign up this Sunday to provide a salad or dessert or to help set up or tear down as we reach out to our neighbors.

Aspire 2019 Baby Bottle Blessing Campaign

This year Aspire raised a total of $13,223.08 and a huge thank you to EBC for raising $1,653.61. There are still 43 bottles that have not been returned. If you still have a bottle, please bring into the office or Sunday morning and you can leave it on the back ministry counter.
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