The Weekly Epistle 7/8/20

“Life is not fair.”  As a parent, I have said that more times than my kids wanted to hear.  It was often said in response to their complaint, “Dad, that’s not fair.”  Then my response like Pavlov’s dogs, “Well, life isn’t always fair,” (said in a deep voice for more effect).  
Let’s face it, wanting life to be fair isn’t just kid’s stuff.  Our hearts long for fairness and equity.  When an evil goes unpunished or we witness an injustice done, it can be infuriating.  I think we can relate to Asaph.  Who is Asaph?  He is credited with writing Psalm 73.  I think you will hear a sermon from me on this Psalm sometime in the future. 
As typical of the Psalms, it puts into words our thoughts and feelings. In Psalm 73, Asaph admits that his feet almost slipped because he watched evildoers prosper while the godly struggle.  In our sense of justice, that is how we want life to work.  Doing good gets rewarded and doing wrong gets punished.  But is that how it always works in the world?  Inequity can trip us up.    
What is it that keeps Asaph from totally slipping?  His gets his mind off of people and onto God.  Read Psalm 73 and slow down as you get to verse 17.  It is at verse 17 that there is a shift in perspective.  Asaph says, “Till I entered the sanctuary of God; then I understood their final destiny” (Psalm 73:17).
As it seems that injustice is winning, and sense our feet are starting to slip, it is time for a new perspective.  When we are disillusioned and infuriated with what is going on in the world, enter the sanctuary of God.  In other words, meet with God.  It is God who keeps us from slipping.  It is locking eyes with the Sovereign Lord that places our feet on solid ground.  It is meeting with God that shows us how puny our thoughts are in comparison to the bigness of God.  It is meeting with God that reminds us that we don’t have the whole picture.  
Can we trust that God will ultimately work all things out as He sees fit?  Can we trust that the God who is just will carry out His justice in His time?        
It is that new and healthy perspective that we can then say as Asaph puts it, “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever (Psalm 73:26).  Is He our portion?  Is He enough?  
Church, keep your eyes on the Sovereign Lord, not on people, for that is a slippery slope.  Our God can be trusted.  His track record proves His faithfulness.  His heart is always good.  
Hope to see you, Sunday.  But if not, I understand.  But do join us at 10:45 on livestream to stay connected as one family.  I thank God for you as I consider myself blessed to be your pastor.
With Joy, Pastor Brian 

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