The Weekly Epistle 8/28/19

Churches can run without prayer.  Marriages can run without prayer.  Organizations, parachurch ministries, and religious activities can run without prayer.  But we must ask, “Is what we are doing worth doing if we can do it without prayer?” A. J. Gordon put it this way, “You can do more than pray, after you have prayed, but you can never do more than pray, until you have prayed.”  Let that sink in.
At EBC there are people who faithfully and earnestly pray for the team of elders, the ministries of the church, and the needs among the EBC family.  There is a core group that faithfully meets between services the first Sunday of the month to pray for the church, the worship services, and the community. Prayer builders is open to all.  Join us this Sunday in the room behind the stage. Did you know that there are several pastors and leaders who meet each Tuesday from noon to 12:30 to pray for our city and the Lakes region?  I would encourage you to set aside a few minutes up to half hour on Tuesdays to pray wherever you are for our city.
This Sunday there will be a community-wide prayer gathering at Laconia High School front lawn at 1:00 to pray for the local schools, staff, students, our city, and public servants.  This is open to the churches in this area.  Will you consider attending this event?
One aspect of our community groups is prayer. Each week throughout homes from Gilford to Gilmanton over 125 people meet for fellowship, study of God’s Word, and prayer.  Have you joined a community group?  You can sign up by contacting Tim Whitman or the church office, or you can sign up at the kiosk in the back of the worship center this Sunday or next Sunday, September 8. 
I hope you are planning on attending our church picnic on Sunday, September 8.  After the second service, pick up a sandwich and head over to Opechee Point. There are 6 people planning on being baptized.    
There is a lot coming up in the next few months- Discovery class, Bible study in the book of James, Welcome Luncheon, network spiritual gifts seminar, ministry fair, and our new sermon series in the book of 2 Timothy will begin on September 8.  We will also look to have greater impact on our community through hosting a booth at Laconia’s Pumpkin Fest and our annual Trunk or Treat in the church parking lot.  You will want to pay attention as more information comes your way on these happenings as a church.  
But I end with where I began.  We can run without prayer, but if God isn’t in it, it isn’t worth it.   Without Christ we can do nothing.  God’s work in us is to drive us to deeper dependency on Him. It is astounding that God invites us in prayer to draw upon His inexhaustible grace.  It is His means of grace to grow us and a point of contact we have to fellowship with the personal God.  Prayer is a continuation of a conversation God has started through His Word. It is the best conversation we can have!
Blessings to you, Pastor Brian

Looking Forward

Sermon Direction

Rod, Rock, and Regret
Numbers 20:1-13

New Sermon Series

Legacy: Living A Life That Lasts
A study in 2 Timothy beginning 9/8

Last Sunday’s Sermon

Community Wide Prayer Gathering

Sunday September 1st at 1pm at Laconia High School front lawn. Join local churches as we cover the staff, students, teachers and the city in prayer as the new school year begins.

Momentum September Break

Momentum takes a break each September to allow families to get acclimated to the new school year and to give leaders a short break. Momentum will return in October. Have a great September!

We Would Like You To Join The Hospitality Team!

Giving guests a warm and friendly greeting each Sunday is a vital part of the ministry here at EBC. We are currently looking for new members to join our growing hospitality team and we would love for you to join us. If you’re interested, please attend one of two info meetings to be held during the first service in the fellowship hall on September 8 and September 22.

Community Groups

This Sunday, you can sign up for the fall community groups. We will also have two new groups that will be starting up this fall. We are still looking for another day time group. If you are interested in hosting a day time group please contact Tim Whitman or the office.
Community Groups will begin on September 8th

Church Picnic

Our annual Church picnic and baptism will be held Sunday September 8th at Opechee Point. Please bring lunch for you and your family, chairs and games to play. Baptism will be at 2:30pm.

Welcome Luncheon

Our next Welcome Luncheon for those who are new to EBC will be Sunday September 22nd after 2nd service in the Fellowship Hall. 

Adult Bible Study

The next Adult Bible Study will begin September 22nd and will run for 12 weeks. This study will be on the book of James, “Faith that Works.

Love INC Volunteer Kick Off

Join Love IINC of the Lakes Region Sunday September 15th from 3pm-6pm at EBC Fellowship Hall. Learn about ways you can serve and share your gifts. Dinner will be provided. 
RSVP to Love INC at 366-1525