The Weekly Epistle 9/1/21

Why is it that when the other person takes a long time, he’s slow; but when I take a long time,
I’m thorough?
Why is it that when the other person does something without being told, he’s overstepping his
bounds, but when I do it, that’s initiative?
Why is it that when the other person overlooks a rule of etiquette, he’s rude, but when I skip a
few rules, I’m original?
Why is it that when the other person pleases the boss, he’s kissing up, but when I please the
boss, that’s cooperation?
Why is it that when the other person gets ahead, he’s getting all the breaks, but when I get
ahead, that’s the reward for hard work?
And why is it that when the other person doesn’t do it, he’s lazy, but when I don’t do it, I am too
Busy! We wear it as a badge of honor. “How are you doing?” We proudly answer, “Busy!”
Was Jesus busy? I think he was. Jesus was busy…about the right things! Can a busy person
be lazy? Would we dare call a workaholic lazy? What can help us to see any laziness in us?
Look at the ant! And I don’t mean the one who is married to your uncle Charlie. But rather that
little bug that can be a nuisance at a picnic or in your kitchen. In Proverbs 6:6-11, the ant is set
in contrast to the sluggard (a lazy person). 
 You never see an ant just chilling. Take a look at an anthill, and you won’t see any ants just sitting around or standing around doing nothing. Every one of those ants have a job, and no one has to tell them what it is and no one has to push them to do it or guilt them into it. They just go ahead and do it. It is said that an ant is able to lift 20 times their own body weight. That means that if I had their strength, I could lift approximately 4000 lbs. Ants have been found to build structures 500 times their own height. The life expectancy of an ant is 45-60 days. Yet these tiny creatures accomplish much in their short lifespan.
Is there any laziness in you? Lazy? Who me? I am crazy busy! Are you busy about the right
things? Are you so divided in doing many things, that the best things are being neglected? Are
you working furiously on one thing because you are trying to avoid doing something more
difficult? Be like the ant. The ant is the epitome of diligence. Colossians 3:23 tells us,
“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”
It takes diligence to build a strong marriage. It takes work to engage with our children and
disciple them. It takes energy to care for others in the church. It takes effort to check in with a
sister or brother in Christ to see how they are doing. Pursuing fellowship requires work.
Sharing the gospel is not for the lazy. Whatever you do! What is your “whatever” that calls for
your working at it with all your heart? Are you giving your all in all you do?
Working for Him, Pastor Brian

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EBC Kids Ministry

Ebc Kids is looking for people who are passionate about Jesus and love working with kids, to serve as preschool / kindergarten teachers. If interested, please contact Victoria Mansfield for more details.  email: or phone 603-717-8784

At the present time there is no nursery during 1st service due to lack of workers to care for the children.

Community Prayer Gathering

There will be a community wide prayer meeting on the lawn of the Laconia High School this Sunday, September 5th at 1PM.  Join local churches as we cover our staff, students, teachers and the city and towns in prayer as the new school year begins.

Next Prayer 30

The next prayer 30 will be Wednesday, September 8th at 7 PM in the gym parking lot.


Save the date of September 11th.  We will resume getting together and on this date we will be blessed with Rob and Patsy Tacker entertaining us.  Those who heard them over a year ago really enjoyed it so plan to join us.  Further details will follow.

Hospitality Training

The hospitality team training will be in the Fellowship Hall on Saturday, September 25th from 8:30 – 10:00.  Breakfast will be served.

New Sermon Series

Coming in September “Faith in Action” from book of James.