The Weekly Epistle 9/9/20

I saw an older man face plant as he stepped onto the sidewalk.  I turned around to make sure he was ok and realized that I just made an awkward situation for him even worse.  Awkward situations!  We all can relate.  Like the awkward silence on an elevator.  Or when you see someone you know later on in the same store after you already said, “Hi.”  Or when you say, “You too,” to the woman who wished you a “Happy Father’s Day.”  Or when you were the last one picked for teams in gym class.  Awkwardness!  
I have noticed awkward moments during this pandemic.  When I have been introduced to someone, it is awkward not to shake hands, but can only smile and nod.  For huggers, this is a time that really messes with you.  I heard someone say not too long ago that our common social greetings are gone for good.  I hope they are wrong!  There have been many studies over the years as to the importance of human touch.  
It has been said that “nothing eases suffering like human touch.”  Someone else put it, “The human touch is that little snippet of physical affection that brings a bit of comfort, support, and kindness.  It doesn’t take much from the one who gives it but can make a huge difference in the one who receives it.”  
This is why my heart goes out especially to those in nursing homes and other elderly care facilities.  Will you pause to pray for those people you know?  Perhaps you can drop them a note.
I urge you again to find ways to stay connected.  Community groups will begin later this month, so please sign up.  Also, I would encourage you, if at all possible, to join with your church family in person.  I know for some of you, that is still not an option and being with us through livestream does keep you connected on some level.  But I miss seeing you and you are on my mind a lot.
Last Sunday, we changed the second service to hopefully help some of you feel a little more comfortable attending in person.  Masks are to be worn to and from your seats and the two sections to the right as you enter the sanctuary are for those who choose to leave their masks on for the entirety of the service.  So, if you sit in either of those sections on the right, please leave your masks on even during the service.  
Also, nursery up to kindergarten age is provided during first service only.  We do hope that soon we will be offering EBC kids (likely during first) and coffee time between services from 10:00-10:30. Stay tuned for more details.  There are several other events happening so be sure to check out the announcements in this epistle.  
Blessings to you, church!  Keeping looking up for our God has never surrendered His control to anyone or anything!  Pastor Brian

Looking Forward

Sermon Direction

The Secret of Contentment

Philippians 4:10-23

Link to This Sunday Worship Service


Changes in our Sunday Morning Worship

Two important changes to our services
Nursery is provided during 1st service 9am, for children up to kindergarten. 
2nd service 10:45am we will require masks to and from your seats. We will also offer a designated mask section for those who choose to wear a mask the whole time.
Any questions please contact Corianne at the office 524-2277 or


We will be celebrating communion this Sunday. If you are worshipping with us at home, please have your elements ready to participate with us.

Community Groups

The next men’s breakfast will be Saturday October 3rd at Andy Whitman’s house in his back yard. Sign up this Sunday at the back counter of the sanctuary. 

Men’s Breakfast

The next men’s breakfast will be Saturday October 3rd at Andy Whitman’s house in his back yard. Sign ups will begin Sunday September 13th at the back counter of the sanctuary. 

Discovery Class

This class is for those who wish to learn more about EBC. This class is required for those who wish to become members of EBC. The next Discovery Class series will begin Sunday 10/4 and will run for 4 weeks at 9am in the Fellowship Hall.

Community Wide Prayer Event

Several pastors in this area are leading 10 days of prayer for Awakening to take place in the Lakes Region and in our nation.  EBC will be hosting two prayer events from 6:00-7:00 PM on Tuesday 9/22 and Thursday 9/24. There will be other opportunities at other locations during these 10 days as well. Also, set a side 9/26 for a church wide prayer and worship event at Opechee Park from 2:00-5:00.

New Sermon Series

“Being Real” a study in 1 John
Begins September 27th

EBC Kids

EBC Kids needs more volunteers. If you are interested in serving once a month as a nursery worker, as a teacher or helper, please contact Victoria Mansfield or contact the office 524-2277 or 


You can continue to give either online on our website and clicking on the green Give button or by mailing your checks to the office. 50 Washington St Laconia, NH 03246

Prayer and Praise

If you have any prayer requests or needs, please email Corianne at: